JSOC Operator Impression

In early 2009 i had the opportunity to join an airsoft event in Austria. During a break a friend took some pics and these turned out quiet well, so i`d like to post them here, too!

JSOC Operator (A`stan 2007)








Modified DCU
Insport t-shirt
Civvy ballcap
Oakley SI 2.0 M Frame
Casio G-Shock Mudman
Oakley SI Assault Gloves
LBT Riggers Belt with Tactical Tailor Accessory Pouch and civvy Boblbee Neopren Utility Pouch
Alta kneepads
Asolo Voyager XCR boots

Paraclete RAV
Paraclete 9mm Quad Pouch
Eagle M60 pouch
Eagle single M4 mag pouch
Emdom Blow Out Medical Bag
Tactical Tailor Hard Case
Thales MBITR with blade antenna
Peltor Comtacs with Peltor PTT
ITT VIP personal strobe light
M18 smoke grenade
Cyalume sticks, Edding marker, C.A.T., trauma shears, OmegaPacific carabiners, USAF pilot’s flask, IR patches and some more small important stuff… (Nuts, Mars, chewing gum etc. )

HK416 with Aimpoint Comp M4, PEQ-15, Troy Folding Battle Sights, Garmin Foretrex 101 GPS in LBT pouch, Emdom/MM sling
Beretta M9 in Safariland 6004 on Gemtech TRL

The HK416 is a VFC with Systema Revolution Gearbox, Systema Hophop and Systema barrel.


~ by geardoshit on January 20, 2010.

One Response to “JSOC Operator Impression”

  1. How do / did you attach that M18 Smoke Grenade? I’ve got the pouches for them but besides strapping in the spoon to the webbing I can’t figure a way around it..

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