Combat Applications Group Operator – Afghanistan 2008

Last year i was glad to have another PD saturday and between two games we took some spontaneous pictures (with two different cameras). The result turned out to be quiet nice, so here we go:







Kitlist (from head to toe):

Mich TC2002 with ANVIS-6, LPBP & Surefire Helmet Light
Peltor ACH Comtacs with Peltor PTT
Oakley SI 2.0 M Frame

Massif ACS Gen2 & ACU Pant

Paraclete HPC with cummerbund
Paraclete 3x Double M4 Pouch
Paraclete Double 9mm Pouch
Paraclete MBITR Pouch with PRC-148 & TCI M.A.S.T.
Paraclete Signal Kit Pouch
Paraclete Hydration Pouch with Camelbak bladder
Paraclete One Quart / Utility Pouch (used as IFAK)
Paraclete Smoke Grenade Pouch with M18 smoke grenade
US standard grenade pouch in ACU (grenade is already gone!)
Maxpedition Rollypoly

ITT VIP personal strobe light
Benchmade rescue hook
Garmin Foretrex 101 GPS
Casio G-Shock Mudman watch
Mechanix Gloves
AWS Assault Team Leader Band
LBT Riggers Belt
Civvy Boblbee black neopren utility pouch
Blackhawk Retention Lanyard
ASP Tri-Folds
Arc`teryx kneepads
Asolo Voyager XCR boots

Edding marker, C.A.T., trauma shears, Omega Pacific carabiners, IR patches, added velcro and some more small stuff…

HK416 with Schmidt & Bender “poor guy`s version” Short-Dot with LaRue QD LT-104 Mount, Troy Folding Battle Sights and PEQ-15
Beretta M9 in Safariland 6004 on Gemtech TRL with carabiner


Some of you might think that my pouches layout is a bit confusing, but it isn`t if you`ll know that i shoot my handgun as a right handed person and my HK416 as a lefty. Very common,  isn`t it?

On the other hand i have to add that a Glock19 would have been more accurate regarding CAG impressions, but i decided to do a different -not too clichee- approach!  At that time there were no EMags available, but i decided to go with PMags instead, because i love them so much! Totally wrong i know, but who gives a shit? Imagine they are EMags like i did… 🙂 🙂 🙂

CAG - Time


~ by geardoshit on February 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “Combat Applications Group Operator – Afghanistan 2008”

  1. Very impressive, I am very very impressed with all of your loadout’s and I am glad to see another person as dedicated to working out ‘little bits’ like myself =)

  2. […] because google is a totally retarded search engine, isn't it? When in doubt, will always help. […]

  3. Very nice loadout. And nice stories in “The Times”. But I’ve got still one question: is it possible that MASSIF shirts are used in OCP too? Normally CAG/ACE units go the Crye way of life if something has to be in Multicam, but normal AC clothes aren’t FR.

    • In the early days of OCP/Multicam, there are many pics showing SOF/SF units using regular gear. Not everything was influenced by this CRYE mayhem like today, perhaps it wasn`t available back then or maybe guys didn`t give a shit. Not everything has to be the lastest and the greatest, FR and strictly by the book. It`s like in every war: soldiers go into battle like they trained for and after a few weeks/month their setup and gear completely changed (in most cases they left a bunch of senseless stuff at base)…

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