New Ops-Core Base Jump helmet!

Ops-Core is releasing a new, non-ballistic helmet this week. It’s called the Base Jump, and it’s based on the FAST shell, just made in plastic. You might remember Ops-Core already has a non-ballistic helmet, the FAST Bump, and wonder what’s different.

The Base Jump’s shell is molded plastic instead of carbon-fiber. The standard NVG shroud is molded into the helmet shell, as opposed to the optional VAS shroud you’d add to the Bump. And, there’s a new under-the-chin, single chinstrap option that offers a bit more comfort over the split, military-style chinstrap for non-tactical use.

Ops-Core calls this version the Sports Model. It’s still using the familiar Occ-Dial liner setup; the difference between it and the Military Model is the chinstrap, the omission of NVG bungees and the accessory package. The Military Model comes with a Picatinny adapter, while the sports model doesn’t.

While there are two versions of the Base Jump, there are four flavors based on the where they are made. There’s Military U.S./overseas and Sports U.S./overseas. Prices are from $239/$178 to $203/$142. The high end U.S. Military comes painted tan, green or black or dipped in MultiCam or desert MARPAT; while the three lower-priced flavors are molded in tan, green, black or red plastic.


~ by geardoshit on August 4, 2010.

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