Back in the days – “My contractor loadout 2005”

Today i took a journey into the depths of one of my old hard disks i found some nice oldskoolish pics. In the next months i will post some of my old stuff step by step. Today i`d like to begin with my first contractor loadout from year 2005…

I think the callsign patch makes no sense at all but i still like the loadout. Besides the Eagle MBITR and Admin pouch on the Eagle RRV i used an Emdom Blow Out Medical Pouch, three Emdom M14 pouches, 2 Emdom pistol pouches (best pistol pouches i know!), HSGI universal pouch, TAD Gear`s Batuca battery pouch, ToySoldier MBITR shell, Bowman headset, Garmin Foretrex 101, TAD Gear Stealth Hoodie 3.0, Contractor ID etc. etc. etc…

I ran this loadout in action packed weekends for over a year and i made almost no changes for 15 months – crazy, isn`t? If you are into MOLLE you`ll know what i am talking about! 😉


~ by geardoshit on August 30, 2010.

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