Are you not alone?

Everybody likes them. Children go crazy for them and even grown ups love these little fellows sometimes so much that they become addicted collecting them in masses.
Yes, we are talking about stuffed animals here but what do these soft toys have to do with military gear?
If you`ll check military pictures from Afghanistan/ Iraq you might came across these fluffy fellows because they are given away as presents for local children.
On they other hand they turned out to fulfill another very important job: they are lucky charms – protecting vehicles and men on their missions and patrols.
You`ll see this mojos in many different units – from regular british and australian grunts to US Pararecue operators, from canadian armored patrols to german observers, etc.

mil bears

So we are here at the beginning end of 2010 and we bought all this hyper advanced plate carriers, tons of pouches, 300+ lumen lights, supersharp knives, bombproof goggles and PCU stuff from level 1-9, and more AOR /DIG2 stuff is popping up every day…
BUT we are alone, have no little soul protecting us from harm!!!
It`s time that you check your basement for this dusty crate to find friends from your youth that are still waiting for you to return… (and be sure they are ready to move out!)




~ by geardoshit on September 14, 2010.

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