CIA Operator on a recce mission

Winter is near and so i attended another airsoft event last weekend (perhaps my last one this year). I was happy to carry a few old and new bits`n pieces into battle and had the chance to see how they perform. I had a great time and it was amazing to see London Bridge Trading`s LBT 2686A chest rig (with LBT 6061A radio pouch) performing so well. Especially with it`s low profile i had no issues wearing a backpack (LBT 1562A) the whole day. Thinking about my loadout – i would call it “CIA Operator on a recce mission in A`Stan”. Many of you will call it a “wrong” PMC outfit or even a totally kitbashed XY one and i won`t argue about it. I have no reference pictures at hand and there are many things that could be changed (especially when i should name a timeframe) or maybe are out of place (HK416 and a Trijicon Rephlex Sight – a crazy combination, isn`t it?) but at the moment i dont give a damn. These pics turned out nice, so i`d like to share…

Have fun with my wildstyle CIA impression! 🙂








~ by geardoshit on November 13, 2010.

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