LBT-2586A chest rig for my US Army medic loadout

My LBT-2586A did a great job during my last weekend so i adopted it to become my main platform for my US Army medic impression.
I had some time to take a few pics today (here without plate carrier and backpack but i hope you`ll get an idea what it will look like at the end)…


London Bridge Trading LBT-2586A Chest Rig
London Bridge Trading LBT-6061A Modular Enhanced Radio Pouch
Regular Grunt Canteen Pouch
North American Rescue – Combat Casualty Response Kit
North American Rescue – Scissor Leash
ITT VIP personal strobe light
Benchmade rescue hook
MBITR Radio with TCI`s M.A.S.T. and Thales Urban Speaker Mic
Magpul Mags, 2x CATs, trauma shears, Omega Pacific carabiner, IR patches, canteen, etc.




~ by geardoshit on November 15, 2010.

3 Responses to “LBT-2586A chest rig for my US Army medic loadout”

  1. Just a quick note to ask you where you have got that star shemagh from, thanks

  2. Where can i get that shemagh? I love it

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