We all know (and love) the mother of modern energy drinks – RED BULL. But there are so much more “power boosters” out there and today my focus is on MONSTERENERGY.


So what`s up with this drink?
Check out some pics and you`ll understand why my interest has grown on this one…

CCTs (click to enlarge):

PJs (click to enlarge):


Thirsty now?
It seems that the love for Monster has gone much faster.
Examine this USAF “Tactical Air Control Party” patch:


This patch in action (click to enlarge):

This is really crazy, isn`t it?
Either they get superpowers from this shit or Monster included some really nice drugs into their cans…

In either way – get your cans now! 🙂

~ by geardoshit on November 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thirsty?”

  1. Oh well… I guess I’m gonna get converted then!

  2. Already done ;D

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