S&S Precision V-Lite

In some way i am addicted to collecting all kinds of light making products and now it was time to buy a S&S Precision V-Lite. This product isn`t new on the market nor really fancy but i was curious about this little fellow and so i decided to go with a red one that is good for everyday use (while cycling, riding a scooter etc. in the city jungle… ).


The V-Lite is a flexible, waterproof (to 66 ft) battery powered light that is shockproof and offers a 120h of continuous on use. It comes in RED, GREEN, BLUE and IR and is really a lightweight: 4″L x 1″W x 0.5″H.

The battery was not meant to be replaceable.  If you are in a pinch and you can’t buy another V-Lite you could carefully slice open the silicone housing and remove the electronics board.  After that you will need to carefully remove the battery from the board using a soldering gun and replace it with new CR2032 battery.  You would have to reinsert the board into the housing and seal it back together with a silicone based glue (liquid nails silicone would probably be best and is easy to obtain).

Here are two shots for size comparison:


My version comes in red, with velcro (there also ones without it) and features the “constant on”, “blinking” and “off” version.


Check the flexibility:

Do i have a conclusion at the end? No.
I own it two weeks now and it`s far too early to say something about e.g. battery performance etc.
I really like the lamp and S&S Precision`s crazy approach to the final product but i really don`t like the missing feature to swap batteries (it`s not meant to!).
The switch works fine, the mods are changing without any troubles.
For my taste the brightness could be a bit better but it seems that it`s a compromise between battery life and brightness.
So at the end do you need one? If you`re geardo – YES! 🙂



~ by geardoshit on November 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “S&S Precision V-Lite”

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  2. how much for the V-lite price ? and do you know where to obtain via online store ?

  3. Did the battery still Life ?

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