Hey Fuck Face – a patch returns big time…

Almost everybody that is into military gear and impressions came across this “Hey Fuck Face” patch many years ago. But this stolen design was not only related to military users but also seen action on hiphop- and rap t-shirts saying THE WEST SIDE / THE EAST SIDE. Besides this there have been vinyl record sleeves, stickers and pins and even in punkrock shops these patches were the shit, too! (I got several from a local motorcycle store and i paid around 1,50 EURO per patch – cool price, isn`t it?)


Back in the days this design was really fresh and not so easy to get while today it became really mainstream.
It`s available everywhere on the net and they come in many different sizes and colors (even in camo versions).
Almost every airsofter and little punk owns a variety of these (including myself 🙂 ) but i still like it and i haven`t become annoyed seeing these patches pop up everywhere.


There have been so many trends in the use of morale patches that somebody should write a book about it.
The come and go of many patches were obvious and i am happy that e.g. all these stupid METERS are gone. In comparison to that “Hey Fuck Face” seems a real winner.
Being available in great numbers they show up in more and more pics these days.


The Hey Fuck Face layout has become a real classic.
So if you don`t have one already i think it`s time to spend some money… 🙂
And if you don`t like to join the HFF band wagon, i surely understand you, too 😉


~ by geardoshit on December 3, 2010.

5 Responses to “Hey Fuck Face – a patch returns big time…”

  1. hi guys,
    just can’t find them.
    Any link were to buy them???


  2. […] Mensch war, der sich damit gespielt hat, er war ebenso erfolgreich. „Hey Fuck Face“ ist ein sehr häufig gesehener Patch. Wir vermuten ganz, dass er hier in der Patchzone als kleines Geheimnis und als Rubberpatch […]

  3. When can I get some of these patches at??

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