ANVIS mount – my helmet mounting solution

Many guys are into Special Forces impressions (like CAG) and are getting their hands on a set a ANVIS-6 with LPBP to recreate the perfect look/ loadout.
But when it comes to mounting these parts many guys had questions about it: “Who do real operators do this” or “how can i attach the front part without doing any mods to it?”.


As we all know that 90% drill a whole in this expensive little fellow to secure it to their MICH helmets but this was no option for me. I wanted to leave the front part in its original, unaltered condition. This is my solution to it:

First get some kind of thin metal sheet and cut out a form that matches the back of the ANVIS nicely. No hustle, take your time – exact measuring, drilling and a bit of bending is needed. At the end attach some velcro to it and it will look like this:


Now put a flat head screw through the inner hole and attached your plate to the ANVIS (I can`t say much about the length of the screw to use, because it depends of the thickness of your used metal sheet and the MICH you use (perhaps an original one or some crappy fake). It`ll be cool to have a variety of different ones at hand.


The rest is pure fun. Attach the ANVIS on the center whole of your helmet and secure it. The outside of the helmet should have velcro also so the velcro parts on your selfmade sheet and that one on your helmet go well together.


Here you`ll see that the screw is still a bit too long. I had no shorther one at home but for getting the idea and building the sheet it was perfect.




Now you`ll have a bombproof solution without damaging the original ANVIS! 🙂


Editor’s note:
Many of you`ll think about safety issues here, e.g. if you`ll knock your head against an object so your forehead comes in contact with the screw. I really had two accidents (with hard head bumping!) in the field while exactly wearing that helmet but nothing happened (regarding this “screw concern”). There is so much space between your brow and the screw that your head will burst before that happens but i definitely recommend checking usability for yourself before going “on the battlefield”… (we have all different head sizes and skull forms , haven`t we?)


~ by geardoshit on December 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “ANVIS mount – my helmet mounting solution”

  1. Hi,

    I search the exact diameter of the screw use for make the link with the metal sheet and the cobb mount.

    Thanks for your help and best regards.

  2. Wish I had seen this last year… My unit tried jury-rigging ANVIS mounts to our ACH’s by drilling into the plastic mount.. Two broken mounts later I finally bought the stuff I needed for an adapter kit.

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