Chest Rigs: LBT 1961A vs Eagle Industries MPCR

London Bridge Tradings` 1961 chest rigs have become classics a “long” time ago while Eagle Industries` Multi Purpose Chest Rigs (MPCR) popped up the first time (with a DIG2 pattern!) spring 2008 (…and the nylon geardos gone crazy)!
I always wanted to compare both chest rigs because they are almost the same but EAGLE came up with a few twists, tweaks and modifications to the “original” LBT design…
(which they borrowed from Blackhawk Industries 🙂 ).
In my case i compare a 1000d 1961A in colour “KHAKI” with an 500d Split Front MPCR in colour “OD”. (Click on pictures to enlarge)




Storage compartment:
A nice thing to have with enormous capacity to store many different things in a secure way. I would prefer the one pocket (center only) version because of the better access when fully loaded.

Mag pouches:

I consider these pouches (m4 & pistol) badly designed. The flaps / velco parts are sometimes much too short and i always have the feeling that i`ll loose some stuff if i go prone (especially when fully loaded). The buckles do their job but they are annoying sometimes. The 500d version seems much easier to handle if it comes to draw / put back mags in pouches. The 1000d pouches are so tight that it seems sometimes impossible to put a mag back (already holding another one) with only one hand – this really sucks!
I recommend using a drop pouch if a new 1000d is used!

Mag pouches – side view:
I really like the loops on the lower side – a perfect place to put light sticks, carabiners etc.
This feature is definitely missing on the LBT rig!

Multi purpose side pouches:
They look cool but i don`t like`em! In my opinion they are not deep enough and are more or less useless for many things. If they would be double in size regarding depth they would be a real winner…

Multi purpose side pouches – close up on flaps:
I think EAGLE`s version performs better because it secures the inner stuff as save as with a one piece band but it`s easier to put something in and out.

Multi purpose side pouches – inner details:
Due to the 500d and the smaller elastic band EAGLEs approach wins again – easier access to the “hidden” pocket.

Shoulder straps:
EAGLE`s version seems another winner because of the larger elastic band loops.
I consider the LBT ones too tight!
The modular design with the buckle attached to the velcro strap is a very nice idea, too!
Here you`ll see the different designs regarding the solid end of the should straps – both perform really well.


First of all i have to say that i really like both rigs. Both designs are very similar and they will do their job for many operators regardless which version they pick.
The MBITR / Multi Purpose Storage Pouches on both sides are really a winner (i have forgotten to take an extra pic but you`ll know what i am talking about). In combination with cable routing possibilities via the nicely done shoulder straps they offer a perfect solution for almost any radio related problem.
Besides this, they are great for carrying a pistol (or two Mr. Cowboy :-))…
So far, so good, so what! For my taste there are still too many existing flaws: You will always need a backpack if you`ll carry more than a minimal loadout, because the storage capacity is too limited / badly designed. There are many pouches and the design seems cool but for me it doesn`t work – too many small pouches and flaps, too stiff materials in combination with too tight stitchings etc. etc.
Perhaps everything could work for me but i am running around, jumping, ducking, go prone, do some crawling and that`s the problem with this rig. The small front pouches / pistol pouches are really not a secure place to put gear if you do a lot of movement.
Being in constant fear to loose equipment is not a recommended state of mind when it comes to fighting, isn`t it?
I have had some non-MOLLE chest rigs before and these are definitely not among the best ones.

But at the end – is it all about performance?
We are Geardos – so it`s all about style! 🙂 And these rigs have style!

(…so buy one or if you`ll own one already go buy another one! 🙂 )

~ by geardoshit on January 11, 2011.

6 Responses to “Chest Rigs: LBT 1961A vs Eagle Industries MPCR”

  1. IF it would come to abuse and you have to choose one of these rigs.
    Wich one would U choose?

    The Eagle or the LBT?

    • I think i would try the Eagle one. It`s lighter and the material is less stiff: so working with the pouches (e.g. reloading magazines) seem to be easier and Eagle`s version is often available a bit cheaper then the LBT one. Happy gear hunting! 🙂

  2. any body got a clue where i can pick up an second hand one?

  3. As soon as i am from my vacation in greece i will post some pictures of my TAG intrepid chest rig, a 500d rig with almost the same set-up as the rigs above.

    Untill then, cheers and i’ll take a dive in the sea.

  4. hi, do you sold your Eagle MPCR od ?

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