MBITRs, PRC-148s, PRC-152s, Adapters, PTTs & more…


Over the next weeks i will post many reviews, modding instructions/ideas, comparisons and many more regarding MBITR shells, PTTs, radios, adapters etc.

I hope you`ll enjoy it – stay tuned! 🙂


~ by geardoshit on January 12, 2011.

3 Responses to “MBITRs, PRC-148s, PRC-152s, Adapters, PTTs & more…”

  1. Just got a Spartan MBITR shell and dual Sordins, with which I have some mic impendance issues, so I’m really looking forward to that tips&tricks review.

  2. Looking forward to these posts. Thinking of getting a new radio setup.

  3. Hi, it’s been quite some time now but I can’t seem to find any article regarding what you’re advertising. I’m especially interested in knowing how you wire a U-283/U connector to 3.5 and 2.5 mm jacks in order for it to work with the Alan 456r radio. Could you write an article about that ?

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