MBITR shell – hole mod with Paraclete radio pouch

Let`s continue 🙂

I`d like to go back in time and go over an old mod if`ve done a long time ago. This was my basic setup back in the days – my oldskool Toy Soldier shell with a Paraclete MBITR pouch.
(Check my last post: you`ll see it in the first picture – it`s the far left one #1)


Paraclete`s pouch offers the opportunity to open a front flap and to get directly to the radio controls. Because fake radios don`t have any working front knobs i had the idea to cut a hole into the shell and have direct access to the small radio inside without taking anything apart. So i have control over volume and the on&off switch without the need to open the shell (i don`t switch channels during the days so i decided to cut only a small hole).



This small mod worked very well for years and made saving battery life and (re-)adjusting volumes very easy.



~ by geardoshit on January 18, 2011.

5 Responses to “MBITR shell – hole mod with Paraclete radio pouch”

  1. Nicely done.
    How does your PMR446 radio go along with the military headset? Don’t you have mic impendance issues? If so, how have you resolved them?
    Something else – U 183 uses 4 pins (ground, audio, ptt and mic) – how did you solder you ICOM connector – shorted the PPT and the MIC before the wire?
    Cheers for these great tutorials

  2. Hi! nice job!
    Are you able to explane us the way to do this adapter between 6 pin connector and radio?
    Which model it’s the radio inside? Please let us now!

  3. this might help:


    Im planning this mod too. What comtac do you use? I want to connect my old midland-radio via 6pin (aktually only 5 pins are realy used) to an MSA U93. Comtac will be Ztacs Sordin or Peltor.

    I also mentioned to by the japanese PRC152 version with 6pin to rebuild this system in my PRC146. Copieng a working version should be easier.

  4. hey geardoshit
    Doing my JTAC-Outfit, I m now into the Wire-Madness. Got me an midland G7 and an alan 456R to fill my dummys and to have one frequence to HQ and one on for the team. Now I want to do the 6pin mod. Already got the u94 for my PRC152 and a welled down 6pin (sparepart for the united star version) ready to install in an toysoldier cheapo PRC148 dummy. this should do great for the looks.
    I m not using real comtacs or dualcoms yet, so i would like to mod my china-made PTTs with female 6pins. Should be no big deal. Rewire both sides of the connection leaves me free hand in choosing the setup. But in the future I would like to be able to use real PTTs and a Peltor Dualcom or a Peltor with 3M dual com PTT with this mod too. So I m planing to make the mod real-deal-ready, like you did. Do you have any pictures showing, how the cables from the Midland 2 pin connector go to the 6 pin rear side?
    You would realy help me!
    Where do the 4 cabels go? Color to Pin (A, B, C, D)?
    btw: I realy enjoy your blog!

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