MBITR PRC-152 shell by Z Tactical

Brandnew on the market and really hot – Z Tactical`s PRC152 shell! I don`t want to do a review (that done others before) but i have to say this is really very well made (especially considering the really low price)! It`s seem much sturdier than Toy Soldier shells and i will be very happy to see Z Tactical expanding their product line in the future.

This was my shell and radio before i started to build up my prefered setup.


After i put my ALAN 456R PRM radio into the shell i realized that it was a bit too big. 😦



So first of all i got rid of the small parts that are for adding mounting clips.
After that it was (hardly) fitting into the shell 🙂


After closing all shell parts (with the radio inside) i realized that there is still a bit too much pressure on all parts for my liking. Thinking about my beloved “hole mod” (check my previous post for details), i decided to go that way again. This is a shot before some fine tuning takes place – now i have the possibility to get to my controls very easily again and all pressure points of the shell are gone.


Now it`s working like a dream and i have no problems with it in any of my MBITR pouches, too!
Knowing that this problem is gone i`ve done the usual U-183/U connectors installation.
Toy Soldier is offering a modded version already so if you don`t like to do this yourself get their version and join the “real connectors user” family!
If you`ll have parts lying around to do this yourself – go on it`s really easy! It takes only a few minutes because there is almost nothing to be done – only a very little bit of cutting and you are good to go.
Here are two pictures of my finished PRC152:



~ by geardoshit on January 20, 2011.

3 Responses to “MBITR PRC-152 shell by Z Tactical”

  1. Can you post a picture with radio box inside the common long radio pouch for PRC-148?

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