Movies list #1 – Action loaded stuff and kickin shootouts for boring weekends (some cold beers recommended!)

Sometimes it`s really enough playing around with gearboxes, MOLLE pouches and checking the internet over and over again.
Sometimes it`s better to get some buddies, cool beers and a good movie!

I`d like to recommend some movies that you`ll have missed or not know something about.
Enjoy 🙂

1. THE TOWN (2010 / Director: Ben Affleck)
PhotobucketIf you are a fan from HEAT and are still kicked by the amazing bank robbery shootout you`ll like this one! I have seen many action movies last year and this is my favourite one – very nice gear, an amazing car chase (i believe car chases 99% boring these days!), stylish shootouts and real attention to details regarding camera angles and cuts.
For those who can watch DVD/Blue-Ray bonus material – check it out!
Back in the “Pearl Harbor” days i really hated Ben Affleck but this has changed already: as a director he is really kickin butt! 100% recommended!

2. TAKEN (2008 / Director: Pierre Morel)
PhotobucketFor me one of the action movies since years! If you`ll like Charles Bronson and enjoy typical 80ies revenge movies (“i have to save my daugher – no matter the cost”) this will give you a crazy time! Arnold would not have done it better in the 80ies! Two thumbs up!

3. KICK-ASS (2010 / Director: Matthew Vaughn)
PhotobucketWant to see something funny? Watch this movie! See an unnoticed high school student and comic book fan who one day decides to become a super-hero, even though he has no powers, training or meaningful reason to do so.
This flick really surprised me: deluxe fighting- /shooting choreography combined with a great action camera! US movies often tend to be “über-cutted” with mega hectic “pseudo dynamic” camera movements (worst example lately: THE EXPENDABLES) but this film really reminds me of fresh eastern flicks that made an impression on me. Nice!

4. THE KINGDOM (2007 / Director: Peter Berg)
PhotobucketA team of U.S. government agents is sent to investigate the bombing of an American facility in the Middle East. It’s an exciting thriller to watch with a nice CQB shootout at the end. A solid piece with a deep A`Stan / Iraq atmosphere. Check the nice extras on DVD/Blu-Ray!

5. THE KILLER (1989 / Director: John Woo)
Photobucket Pick any segment of this Hong Kong classic and you’re likely to see some crazy gunplay. It was here that the iconic, John Woo, double-.45 look was born. And way back in 1989, it was still cool! If you will know this movie you know what i am talking about, if you don`t get a copy soon! One of the true action classics out there – 100% a must see!


Editor’s note:

I recommend seeing all these flicks in original language (with subtitles if necessary) and on a proper TV or perhaps good projector if possible. Additionally a kickin’ sound system would be great! (God bless that i have the opportunity to watch all my films in a deluxe home cinema next door for over 15 years 🙂 )
If you are into watching crappy internet shared movies only on a 13″ laptop with tiny speakers and you think you can really judge movies by doing this please rethink your attitude 🙂

~ by geardoshit on January 25, 2011.

One Response to “Movies list #1 – Action loaded stuff and kickin shootouts for boring weekends (some cold beers recommended!)”

  1. I was watching “The Town” while on a course break with one of the instructors who spent 8 years in the SASR.

    He made it a point that the “gun drills” in the movie was very realistic.

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