A boring evening became a funny one…

Yesterday was another boring winter evening and i decided to play around with some cardboard boxes to build some Osprey Armour inlays from scratch. I already own several Toy Soldier plastic fakes but i wanted to have some better (bigger) ones. The TS plastic versions were a good starting point and it was easy to get going. A bit cutting here and there, some extra layers of cardboard and at the end everything fixed by tape and wrapping film.



On the left is the finished “armour plate”, on the right you see one in the making stage. The hardest part was to rebuild this typical curved design but with many thin layers in different shapes it turned out really nice!
(Of course i used British tape because it is British armour! :-))


I am really satisfied with the result and it was really fun to do!
(…and the beers had nothing really to do with it! :-))


~ by geardoshit on February 3, 2011.

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