Tactical grilling, b-day and some helmet painting

Let`s take another look back in the days…
It was a hot summer weekend and Great Britain played against Germany in another smashing FIFA World Cup 2010 soccer game. I had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday also and so many friends joined my tactical birthday BBQ x soccer sunday event!

We all were very hungry so we had some great meat:

After an enormous amount of food and already too much drinks (hey, the afternoon had not really started yet!) i decided to take the chance to paint my Protec helmet oudoors, because it was a very nice day. I took all remaining cans with me (Krylon, Begadi, Tamiya etc.) and started very wildstylish. I really had no idea what the helmet should look like but it had to look sharp :-). Photobucket

But before i really got into geardo things i had to taste some more delicious meat:

And of course – beer, beer and much more beer – cheers! 🙂
Check TACTICAL GRILLING for really cool BBQ gear!

And now get some colour on the helmet!
After covering the velcro parts i applied some brown and olive drab colours in big stripes. After that i put some leaves on top and fixed them.


After some very light dusting (dark sand-ish colour) it turned out like this:

It`s really hard to show the different stages of painting because i did this during a 2h-3h time period (soccer, food and girls needed my attention, too! :-)) and we had different lighting conditions because of some clouds were covering the sun. The difference painting stages are not so drastic like they appear in these pictures!

After much more dusting with Krylon khaki and removing all leaves and tape the black Protec looked like this:


The finished helmet was already a thread on my blog.

So everything turned out to be very cool (besides Germany winning over Great Britain!).
I am looking forward to the next summer! Yeah! 🙂


~ by geardoshit on February 18, 2011.

2 Responses to “Tactical grilling, b-day and some helmet painting”

  1. Was the velcro black when you started? What did you use to cover it? Because it looks like it wasn’t covered at all.. all in all good job! 😀

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