BAE Eclipse RBAV-AF: Another “impossible to get” Pararescue item?

Check out BAE Systems new version of the Releasable Body Armor Vest – Special Forces (used in one of my ODA loadouts, too!) that is called RBAV-AF. This vest is a unique version developed in conjunction with the Air Force Special Operations Command Pararescue community and seems in use (the picture is perhaps from testing stages) already:


The new version is similar to the RBAV-SF but includes a “non-snagging” system implementing “wire management” in the vest. It has an integrated kangaroo pouch and modular side pockets that can fully contain batteries and other equipment. Besides its stowage capacity, the RBAV-AF also has an integrated hydration system and MOLLE system across the rear of the vest.

Due to export restrictions i think it`ll become another GACK disaster if you want to use this RBAV version as a basis for your modern PJ impression (and i am not talking about the high price here!).

Check this links for some more pics and quick infos:
BAE Eclipse Gear


~ by geardoshit on February 25, 2011.

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