Patchology #3 – “Crossfit” (PJ Patch #2)

Today i`d like to talk about a patch that is really rare in pictures and does not mean anything to many people.
Let`s start with looking about this wonderful photo again (yeah, almost everybody loves it and knows it very well, a real PJ impressions booster!):

I don`t want to talk about this pic but about one that is from the same series.
At first sight it looks really unspectacular but while checking the pic closely i came across a “Crossfit” patch:

Many of you haven`t heard about Crossfit., isn`t it?

Crossfit is a very large PT community that has many members from all around the world which come from many different jobs and ways of life: From active soldiers, LE Officers and professional sport athletes to body builders or (hot) mothers (and fat fathers) living across the street.
On Crossfit`s website many guys post workout plans and pictures while doing PT. This body`n`health community has nice private shots from Operators (Navy Seals, Marines, ODAs etc.) from time to time, so it`s good to come by in regular time intervals.
So if you are looking for new and unknown pictures this is a nice source sometimes (but you`ll need to be patient!).

By the way, if you are in the mood you should try searching the internet the other way around! and all the other spots are very good places to hang out but you`ll miss stuff… (get creative guys!)

Please feel free to check out their website and find many useful tips and videos to get in shape. On the other hand you`ll discover some nice gear pics, too! 🙂
Check these examples:


~ by geardoshit on March 10, 2011.

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