Paraclete`s Special Tactics Armor Kit (STAK)

Everybody loves RAVs and so do i. My RAV was one of the most comfy rigs i ever used (i sold it and i still regret it – but i will buy myself another one again! 🙂 ) and it`s a solid piece of gear to recreate special US + UK Special Forces loadouts (most famous for CAG & SAS/SBS impressions).
Today i`d like to write about a special version that can be found especially among PJs and other AFSOC operators: Paraclete`s Special Tactics Armor Kit.

The Special Tactics armor kit contains:
(1) RMV720 – STS Cutaway Armor Carrier,
(1 set) DSTS3A-PAE – Dyneema® Level IIIa front and back soft armor,
(2) E-SAPI – Front and back multi hit plates,
(1) HPC0019 – Hard plate carrier with cummerbund,
(1) RCV0019 – Low profile soft armor holder,
(2) AFP0019-9 – Double 9MM magazine pouches,
(2) ATX0077 – Triple M4 / .45 / 9MM magazine pouches,
(4) ADP40MM – Double M4 magazine pouches with 40MM pocket,
(2) ATXSSTS – Triple M4 + frag + smoke grenade w/ fastex closure,
(2) SMC0077 – SAW drum / 2 Qt. canteen pouches,
(2) RSQC0817 – 1 Qt. canteen pouches with no lining,
(2) FLS0019 – Strobe light pouches,
(1) RUL0019 – Large universal radio pouch,
(1) NVG019STK – NOD pocket strobe pouch,
(2) GPS0019 – Small general purpose pouches,
(2) GPL0019 – Medium general purpose pouches, and
(1) LCB0019 – Carry bag

These RAVs and pouches are rarely seen in pictures but in my opinion this stuff is really fresh! If you`ll like to stand out of the regular Pararescue/ STS/ CCT etc. reenactment crowd this is a nice way to achieve a more individual look.

(click to enlarge)

At first sight (especially the front side) everything looks normal but if check the rear you`ll know what i am talking about:

In use:

Due to fact that most PJ Operators use backpacks, they do not need so much MOLLE and nylon layers. So Paraclete tried to manufacture a lightweight version and i think they have done a good job.
As you will know Paraclete products differ from production run to production colourwise. Today everything in the Special Tactics Armor Kit seems tone in tone but there are different parts of black materials used back in the days!

Black version in use:

Some more shots from different production runs:

At the end what can i say? They are quite rare these days and don`t show up very often.
If you`ll like to buy one you should have a few more bucks ready because they won`t sell as cheap as regular RAVs do.

Again some shots showing a more oldskoolish RMV720:


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