British Style

In most cases i am a big fan when loadouts are composed of gear in different colors, non matching camos, perhaps some civvy items etc., because (in my opinion) 100% tone in tone impressions are mostly boring (especially when it comes to Multicam). Finding the perfect balance between different colors and shades is some kind of secret art.
The same applies to music or cooking: if a slow part is played in front of a fast one, the fast one becomes more striking. Have you ever eaten salty fish AFTER ice-cream? I think you`ll never had the feeling that a fish gets as salty as that!

In modern loadouts civvy gear is often related to hiking stuff like The North Face, Arcteryx, Patagonia, Garmin, Asolo, Merrell, Suunto and many, many more. If you check pictures carefully you`ll find water flasks, rain coats, compasses, GPS units, gloves, gaiters, ballcaps, backpacks etc. (of course it depends on the unit, time frame and theater they are in). Sometimes i really get amused and/or excited to see items that i never expected to find. The wonderful thing is that i have a(nother) reason to buy me that piece of gear now, yeah baby! 🙂 So let`s get to the point – check this pic:

This British Commando Soldier rocks a solid style and brings interesting things to A`stan!
No, it`s not another Snugpak jacket but this one: Montane Extreme smock

The first truly technical soft shell, single layer mountain garment designed and built without compromise. Tested in extreme and hostile conditions for nearly 20 years by mountaineers, climbers and on multiple high Arctic and Antarctic expeditions, the Extreme Smock has become the trusted favourite of Mountain Rescue teams and outdoor professionals across the world.

(click to enlarge)

Fabric: PERTEX® Classic 6
Reinforcements: POLARDRI® Mini-Rip
Lining: DRYACTIV® 3000
Weight: 995g / 35oz (Size Medium)

And then a very interesting thing to see are (t)his gloves: Barbour Neoprene Gloves!

If you`ll think of Barbour what comes to your mind? Slimy, rich people wearing old fashioned waxed jackets? I guess so 🙂 hahaha…

Barbour Neoprene Gloves have rubber grips on palm, slitted fold-back finger tips on left and right hand, adjustable wrist fastening, elasticated rib on the back of the glove to ensure a close fit, are shower repellent and have a Barbour branded velcro wrist strap. (Fabric: 90% neoprene, 10% nylon)

I thought that i already own everything i need when it comes to gloves.
And i really don`t need another softshell (and i REALLY DON`T!!!).
But these two things are not to pricey and are really interesting to check out.
At the moment i can resist…
Can you? 😉


~ by geardoshit on April 2, 2011.

3 Responses to “British Style”

  1. Hi,

    I’m JAGS a spanish airsofter. I belong to OMEGA AIRSOFT CLUB (OAC) in Seville. Sorry but my English is not as well as I’d like it. I discovered your blog very recently and I have to recognize It´s one of my favorites since then, Congrats !!!. Yours remember me another of my favorites airsoft blogs, that was created by another Northern Spanish airsofter groups and very good friends of me, Taliban Airsoft News (TAN) but unfourtanetly they are MIA since Oct 2010.

    I love Brit Style, and almost my gear and equipment is related with BRITISH ARMY. I have a lot of pictures and videos of them, but I haven’t seen this one you put here. It would be possible tell me where did you find it ? I would like to know if there’re more pictures and the unit (RMC ???) that the soldier belong.

    I’ve just bought the Montane Extreme Smock, I have thought release it this weekend I will tell you how it works. The Barbour Gloves will be delay a little, They were sold out.

    Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon

    Best Regards from the South of Spain


    • Hi J+

      Thank you very much! 🙂
      It good to hear that there are more UK enthusiasts out there! About the pic you`re writing about – i don`t know where i got it from.
      I have collected so many, many (and i really mean that!) British Army photographs over the last years, that i completely lost track on sources long time ago.
      If your Montane Extreme Smock arrives, tell me what you think about it!

      Cheers lad 🙂

  2. nice article, i think i’ll write down something similar.

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