Gearing up for the weekend: Elcan Specter DR

Yesterday DHL came in time and brought me my Elcan Specter DR replica scope (from Waridiot) finally because i will attend another airsoft game tomorrow (harrharrharr, now i can clearly see you highlanders cheating!). It is definitely brand new but it rubbed again the cardboard due to poor packaging so i got a used look already! 😉
(check the spot on the side – the color is completely gone)

For those who are still hot for the 1x-4x working version and hope that i will review this one now, i am really sorry. I only bought the fixed 4x version because i don`t need anything without magnification/ a version which i can change to 1x (regarding to my style of playing and i wanted the black one).
There is so much useful information about these replicas out there already so i don`t want to go over it again but i`d like to share my crystal clear look through the scope:

It`s damn nice, isn`t it? And the eye relief is really promising, too (more infos will come after the weekend)!

Tomorrow i will try out my almost forgotten and in some cardboard rotting “BB protection shield”, too. I can`t say much about it because i have totally forgotten where it came from (HK?) or which manufacturer it made but i remember it was pretty cheap and i hope it`ll do it`s job on the battlefield (i keep you updated folks!).

Perhaps you`ll say TOTALLY UNCOOL 😉 but i lost 2 sights to BB shots already and i am fed up with it… 😎


~ by geardoshit on April 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Gearing up for the weekend: Elcan Specter DR”

  1. Please let me know manufacturer of your Elcan Specter DR replica.

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