Clone Wars: Specter DR vs ACOG TA01

Today i`d like to compare two well known telescopic replica sights: EBAirsoft`s ACOG TA01 and Specter DR from Waridiot (seems to be the same like the one offered by EBAirsoft and many other websites, too).

I don`t go over coating, packaging or fake trademarks nor i`d like to speak about materials used or obvious differences to real steel versions, today i`d like to compare the views through the scopes!
Check the following two pictures and compare them with the two shots from the previous Specter DR post:

So what do we see and how do these replicas compare to each other?
First to mention is that the Specter DR has a much better eye relief (while using the ACOG i often bumb/ rub my glasses/ goggles against the back of the scope itself)! If you`ll use protective masks there is a good chance that you will get bored using the ACOG.

Speaking about views through the scopes: Both work great and have a crisp and very clear views. If you`ll check the pics you might think that the Specter is far better but it`s only because of the difficulties to catch a good camera angle and zoom ratio with the ACOG due the short eye relief (the black shadow on the ACOG photo is from the M4`s front sight).

But when it comes to optical magnification and field of view there are great differences!
Each scope states to have a 4x magnification but i really doubt that! The ACOG seems to be a real 4x scope while the SPECTER looks to use a 3,5x zoom only (or even less).
(Don`t get fooled by the used camera zooms if you`ll study my pictures and judge one sight being crap! It`s really hard to take good pictures!)

Comparing the field of view, it`s another loss for the Specter but it`s not a great difference. The one thing that bothers me is that with the Specter you have to deal with a more black around the view then with the ACOG.
With both scopes you`ll see almost identical areas but i really favor the ACOG.

So what clone is the better one (technically speaking)? It`s hard to tell.
For me there is no real winner! 😎
You have to consider your style of playing, if you use glasses or full face goggles.
Perhaps the solid ACOG mount is more suitable while the Specter DR one seems to come off someday?
What war period you like to reenact? Which design do you like better?
At the end it`ll be the best that you buy both (because the price tags are not high and the resale value is ok…)! And you don`t need the spend hours thinking which one to get… 🙂


~ by geardoshit on April 27, 2011.

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