U.S. SOF Operator in A`Stan – RELOADED

Not long ago i posted an airsoft ingame setup + some extra photos and today i`d like to show you the same loadout with a few tweaks and twists! 🙂

Not very much has changed.
Now i`m wearing a desert RAID bdu, my Protech helmet, Comtac ACHs, an Eagle medic pouch, some Under Armour gloves, a CSM Gear drop pouch and i switched back to my HK416 rifle.

Some spotting with my new scope:

…and it was really great fun! But instead of getting into battle myself, i was watching shootouts from (too) far away! Not very helpful to fulfill mission objectives, hahaha 😉

I hope you`ve enjoyed my pics as much as i enjoyed playing in pseudo A`stan! 🙂 C-YA!


~ by geardoshit on May 1, 2011.

One Response to “U.S. SOF Operator in A`Stan – RELOADED”

  1. I like your blog and all your photos. Keep it up man.

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