At the moment i am thinking about modding one of my old, rusty M4s. One option is to do a burst mod, installing one of AEG Wizards new plug-n-play devices.

I don`t know if they are any good but many reviews tell me so and i am a step away from ordering :-).
Yesterday one of my last thoughts against it was that this fire mode is not really going well with my Pararescue/ CCT loadouts.
After checking some PJ pictures closely i could live with a burst mode, i think:

I think its an insoluble problem if i`d like to know if these M4s really run on burst modi or only the lower receiver does say that.

What the heck, rock the geardo-gear discothek! 🙂 Let`s order!
(Now i need a new lower, too!)

(to be continued…)


~ by geardoshit on June 3, 2011.

One Response to “Burst.”

  1. Heard a lot about this little fellow – ASCU @ http://airsoftsystems.com/
    Looks impressive…

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