Civvy hunting camo in Afghanistan

If you check pictures carefully you`ll recognize that more and more civvy hunting gear is in use throughout the US Army and especially in the Special Forces community (CCTs, PJs, Seals etc.): Realtree, Mossy Oak or Longleaf (and there much more brands and patterns out there) are seen with caps, jackets, hand warmers, gloves or combat shirts.

These few pics are the only the ones i found quickly on my HD (and that i can remember now) but there are many more references out there! So if you are looking for this kitbashed SF loadout using some civvy hunting gear this is your time now!
Happy gear hunting! 🙂

P.S. There have been other pics on my blog that showed some civvy camo already!
Can`t remember? Check this operator from the CCTs in action thread or this American Hero from the CCT Operator with Scar thread.


~ by geardoshit on June 10, 2011.

One Response to “Civvy hunting camo in Afghanistan”

  1. I’ve been wondering what brand and model the SEAL is wearing.
    Can you identify?

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