A-TACS Camouflage Items – Review #1

A-TACS products are not so new on the market and many companies jumped on this camouflage wagon (e.g. Propper, SORD, Tactical Assault Gear, Blue Force Gear, Ares Armor, 1800 Nametape, Volk Tactical, Safariland, Danner, Tactical Performance Corp., Remington, Tactical Tailor and many more) but this pattern is still rarely seen in action today.

For me it`s an interesting pattern that reminds me of old WWI/ WWII photographs that show soldiers covered in mud and dirt like crazy!

There are not much good pictures and detailed shots out there so i`d like to share my photos and knowledge with you – starting with two very basic pouches by TAG today:

TAG`s a MOLLE Utility Mini Pouch and MOLLE Medical Pouch are not newly designed.
They seem to be the same like back in the days but in A-TACS camo now.



Details (`ball and chain` material with the drawstrings):

The MOLLE Utility Small Pouch reminds me of one of Paracletes Small General Purpose Pouches. Size, zipper layout and plain interior looks identical. I don`t know but i really like these pouches even though they are almost a bit too small every time i use them! 😉

Check the pics for a quick understanding about its dimensions (and interior design):


TAG`s MOLLE Medical Pouch looks exactly like an Eagle Industries Medic Pouch.
Right: TAG / Left: Eagle Industries (in MJK color)

Again a side by side comparison (top: TAG / bottom: Eagle Ind.)

TAG high-res picture (click to enlarge):


Regarding colors it was really hard to get OK shots because this pattern seems to change a lot under different lighting conditions. To get a good idea check the following pictures with an A-TACS pouch lying next to other gear:

First impression and final worlds: Very nice! Tactical Assault Gear stuff is still solid as a rock, A-TACS camo looks even cooler in real life (some bad pictures on the web are no reference!) and i can`t wait to get my complete stuff into the battlefield (+ taking some pictures in action…)! 🙂


Coming up next: TAG MOLLE Folding MBITR Pouch in A-TACS


~ by geardoshit on June 16, 2011.

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