A-TACS Camouflage Items – Review #3

So here we go again! 🙂

Today i like to write about the Banshee Rifle Plate Carrier by Tactical Assault Gear/ Shellback Tatical.
I will do a three part review: starting with basics and details, then fully loaded and followed by an after intense action report.

Let`s start with the front which is a typical design of a today`s plate carrier.
The upper part offers plenty of velcro on the PALS webbing:

Below is the typical flap that covers the cummerbund parts:

It has a storage compartment (e.g. like London Bridge Trading`s 6094 plate carriers) that has some velco inside (but no loops for MOLLE!). This really screams using it with a pistol holster (like the one that comes with LBT 1961 rigs) or a mag shingle.
But i doubt that it really works smooth with 3 mags at the same time because the space inside seems a bit tight.
I am sorry that i can`t test it because i sold all my shingles at the moment… 😦
(Bad, bad geardo! 😉 )

If you open the flap it will look like this:

High res picture (click to enlarge):

Without the cummerbund parts – velcro, velco and even more velco:

The interesting thing is that everything seems very sturdy and securely held in place like always but Shellback`s velco isn`t edgy and rough but smooth and almost cosy!
I need some cushions with this material! 😉

Let`s turn this front section over and take a look at the opening for the armor plates:

Closure opened:

The inner surface from the backside looks like this (different closure):

Inserting a plate is nice and easy:

The cummerbund`s length can be easily adjusted via Paracord:

The shoulder straps`n`pads look different to many other PC solutions. My first impressions are not that good (due to little pressure points on my shoulder) but i won`t give a real statement about them without having the fully loaded carrier a whole day in the field.

These are the necessary spartan straps to use the PC without the cummerbund:

TAG and Shellback Tactical offer another kickin` product – fantastic craftsmanship combined with fresh looks for 2011/2012!
The only downside seem to be the shoulder parts. At the moment i consider them to be a little fail (for my liking) but time in action will tell… 😎

Stay tuned for part II.


~ by geardoshit on June 20, 2011.

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  1. Awesome. I agree.

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