A-TACS Camouflage Items – Review #4

I am back from vacation 😎 and today i want to give you an update of TAG`s Banshee storage compartment of the front flap (check the A-TACS Camouflage Items Review #3 post from not long ago).
Besides this, let`s examine some nametapes in A-TACS camo from 01800nametapes.


First let us check my nametapes (length: 4″) i received yesterday. Nothing special about it but a nice way to raise the A-TACS density in my gear room! 🙂

With camo fabric no patch looks the same and so i am a bit disappointed because i`d like the patch to be more on the lighter side. In comparison with another patch you`ll get the idea what i`d prefer:

On plain A-TACS material:

01800nametapes also offers their A-TACS products in black letters, too.
Perhaps i will order some more… 🙂


I am not a big fan of pure airsoft companies that produce copies of “Real World” gear but speaking about Toy Soldier is a different story. They did amazing 1/6 gear VERY way back in the days and sell nice 1:1 replicas for over a decade now. While they started with a few patches only, today they offer an interesting selection of gear that is (almost) not available on the market elsewhere and seems to be the only gear choice for many reenactors sometimes.
I decided to go with one of their own designs that is not a real 1:1 copy of an existing product: the Slick Plate Carrier Magazine Pouch Triple:

While putting the pouch on the plate carrier everything seems to work out:

With the pouch filled up and the Banshee flap opened i was not sure if it was going to do the trick anymore:

I am really used to that kind of work but this time it was very annoying!
The combination of velcro everywhere (inside the flap compartment of the PC and the Toy Soldier`s pouch front, bottom and back) gave me pure horror (even with and without mags inserted – i tried many combinations, i also removed the ballistic plates inside the PC)!
Using the old trick of covering the velcro (this time with a sheet of simple paper) i managed to get the pouch inside.

Another angle with and without mags:

Looking cool? Yeah! 🙂
But now the downside: Getting the mags in and out seems VERY hard!
Fiddling them in is not a matter of seconds and with one hand almost impossible!
To get them out you have to use much force and that put a lot of stress on one of my Magpul magazines… 😦

Fuck. This layout looks cool but is totally impractical!

I decided to cut down the pouch with a pair of scissors to convert it to a two mags only variant (check the nice different layers of material used):

Everything is usable without any further work but one small part should be stiched a few times to prevent the material to open up:

Finished version:

Now it was really easy to insert the pouch. Even small changes in alignment and height was kid`s play. With the new pouch installed the Banshee front looks like this:

With the space won it`s working like a dream and i am happy now!
I have also the possibility to add some extra small items into the flap compartment:

That`s it folks! I have to repair my damaged Magpul magazine now…


~ by geardoshit on July 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “A-TACS Camouflage Items – Review #4”

  1. How the heck did you get the pouch out again?^^

    • Hahaha! 🙂 By force and patience! I think is was more of a workout than chilling out with some nylon! Sweat and hate filled my room… 😉 Cheerz!

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