A-TACS Camouflage Items – Review #6

So here we go A-TACS style again!
Today i`d like to talk about the Huskey Amentum Slider Sling by Ares Armor.

High res pic: (click to enlarge)

Perhaps you`ll came across Ares Armor in the past. It`s a small company in Oceanside, CA, founded by seven Marines, all with infantry combat experience with service both Iraq and Afghanistan. Five of the seven Ares co-owners are currently still on active duty with the Marine Corps. Ares owners have held billets as Snipers, Recon, Infantry Platoon Sergeants, Infantry Squad Leaders, Infantry Team Leaders, Urban Shooting Skills Instructors, Military Operations in Urban Terrain Instructors, Infantry Combat Instructors, and Rifle Marksmanship Instructors. It is that very in depth background and familiarization with the needs of the Modern Warfighter that goes into the creation of each piece of gear they build.

Ares Armor`s Huskey Amentum Slider Sling is their flagship product and is available in A-TACS camo for a short time now. This sling was co-designed by 2009 International Sniper Competition Winner Josh Huskey. It allows an extremely fast transition to the off shoulder or a secondary weapon as well as gives extraordinary support to your shooting position. It has been adopted and is now an issued item for several military units including a company from Marine Special Operations Battalion.

Like Emdom`s Gunslinger Sling (check out a cool review at Military Morons) and Vickers Combat Applications Sling, Ares Armor also used the quick adjustment capability to enable the shooter to quickly change the sling length.
They are not using a strap but a big loop to adjust the length which i consider a good thing. It`s easier to insert a thumb instead of grasping the strap with the whole hand every time. It`s no big deal either way but this loop is a nice little approach to something “new”.

See the differences side by side (above: Emdom / below: Ares Armor):

“in action”:

Here we see the sling attached directly to a sling mount:

The A-TACS material is spot on and integrates seamlessly into my gear! Perfect!

Talking about material and craftsmanship everything seems top notch!
Comparing the sling with other ones it feels very soft and cosy, making it a dream to handle.

I chose the padded and buckled version which i would not do today. To be a bit picky, i feel a bit of a pressure point with the buckle when using it with a t-shirt on only. It don`t bothers me while wearing armor or jackets/ smocks but i would go with the padded version only these days. (I am a bit addicted to have buckles here and there and have the opportunity to use them in many ways – is this another typical geardo kink? 😉 )

The buckle part:

The sling comes with no hook but is compatible with any regular hook/ sling attachment on the market making it easy to get the sling of your dreams.
With the perfect adjustment ability and amazing build quality i 100% recommend this piece of gear to everyone looking for a new sling!

If you are still not convinced: check this Ares Armor`s videos to see their sling in use and get a better understand of a kickin` product! Enjoy! 🙂


~ by geardoshit on July 12, 2011.

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