Eagle Industries TAC-V1-NU Vest – skirmish loadout and airsoft content

Yesterday i managed to take some pictures from my Eagle Vest and its content i used on a skirmish not long ago. I think it`ll be entertaining and informative what i carried and used during that day.

I was not after a correct impression. It was more a try-out day, checking new guns and equipment combined with things i like.

Weather: 23-27 degrees Celsius, no rain, a little bit of wind.
Playtimes: 3x 2 hours with breaks in between.
Scenarios: Capture the flag (in different versions)

The belt is an British Army one, the pouches are from Eagle Industries.
I also carried Oakleys on my belt plus a magazine drop pouch by CSM Gear.
In the back of the vest was a Source hydration bladder.

So that you are familiar with my packed vest, let`s strip it down! 🙂
Check each number and explanation below.

# 1 (no picture):
The cuffs pouch was for money, car key and game tickets only.

# 2:
A dummy grenade by Toy Soldier. It is filled with sand (heavyweight stlye – yeah!)

# 3 (no picture):
This pouch was used to carry my camera. I am taking these photos with this camera, too.
So you`ll understand that i cannot take a picture from it… 😉

# 4 & 5:
Some anti fog stuff to get my goggles clean and fresh.
An extra mag for my sidearm (fully loaded and filled with Abbey Predator Gas).

# 6:
I used one M4 mag pouch to carry my sidearm.

High Res (click to enlarge):

# 7:
Two mag pouches carrying four lowcap magazines.

The mag panel has a small storage compartment that holds another M4 magazine or similar. So i used it to carry another one to achieve fast and easy mag changes.

# 8:
My small ALAN PMR radio (+ PTT connector).

# 9:
Another lowcap magazine and a filled Marui BB loader.

# 10:
My EAGLE medic pouch is used to carry a small HIGHLANDER first aid kit.
So i have the opportunity to go on flanking the enemy without thinking about the shots i`ve been taken so far! There can be only one? 😉

There is still plenty of room in the EAGLE pouch to carry small essentials, too:
Batteries, pens, a Write In The Rain Pad, screwdriver and tools for blaster adjustments, some spare battery and memory disk for my Contour HD cam (installed on my M4).
Last, but not least: the power potion, some 18 years old single malt whiskey.


On the back i carried an EAGLE General Purpose Pouch. This is filled with a BB bottle and an Orc PCU L4 Windshirt to handle slight weather changes:

Inside the vest is a map of the playing terrain:

Some cosmetic add-on not to forget: another funky pin! 🙂


At the end i can say that i had a nice day and i was not troubled losing something or not having all necessary gear at hand. The vest performed great and i will continue using it (next time with some ALICE gear). My back was free to carry a backpack but i had no need for it (left in the car). On long scenario games i will use a Camelbak or daypack to carry food, extra water etc. with me in the future.

~ by geardoshit on July 22, 2011.

7 Responses to “Eagle Industries TAC-V1-NU Vest – skirmish loadout and airsoft content”

  1. Nice loadout and great pics! I’ve been snatching up 90’s/early 2000’s kit the past few months now that most of it is dirt cheap now. One of my favorite era’s of tactical gear!

    May I ask what hat that is? Civilian type?

  2. Nice review and pics! I’d really like to see more loadout reviews like this, really informative and shows what all is carried and shows things that can be used differently, like the little pocket on the mag pouch that can be used to hold a mag and etc. Looks like a great simple loadout.

  3. May I ask where you snagged this sweet vest?

  4. great setup mate!
    looks like a ODA setup of early years of OEF… great era!
    The only pouch that doesn’t look correct is the dump anyway is very useful

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