Contour HD *do-it-yourself* Picatinny Rail Mount

In the last year Contour HD cameras became really popular and seen action on many airsoft-/ milsim events across the world. More and more videos pop up regularly and it`s interesting to see how these little cams find their way on helmets, guns, caps etc.
There are many selfmade and modified mounting solutions out there and i`d like to talk about my picatinny rail mount today.

First let us take a look at two existing mounts. I don`t know many details about them and i don`t read any reviews yet, because i am happy with my own solution 😎 .

OPS-CORE version:

CONTOUR version:

Both mounts seem almost identical and they share the same approach to things. If i`ll have to take one of them i would go with the OPS-CORE version, because i am not a fan of CONTOUR plastics, which broke twice so far.


Months back i was looking for a simple but solid mounting solution on my blaster because i wanted to record an upcoming skirmish. There was no time left ordering something (only 2-3 days to go) so i checked my bits`n`pieces box to build something from scratch.

At the end i used two main things to become a picatinny rail mount:
an EBAirsoft SF Weapon Light Mount and Contour`s Google Strap Mount.

I drilled two holes into the Google Strap Mount and fixed the Weapon Light Mount firmly via two bolts, nuts and washers. The pictures should be self-explanatory:

The finished mount should look like this:

This little fellow on my M4 rail:

Now with the camera installed:

I used this mount on three games so far (two times on a rifle, one time on my Protec helmet). Everything went smooth and the mount performed solid as a rock.

So if you`ll have similar parts lying around, you could have fun building something like this! But remember: with a very low street price for OPS-CORE`s/ CONTOUR`s version it seems ridiculous to order a SF Weapons Light Mount especially to build a mount from scratch.

Happy tinkering! 🙂


~ by geardoshit on August 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Contour HD *do-it-yourself* Picatinny Rail Mount”

  1. Ops Core mount is not a rail mount. It’s for a Ops Core helmet which is different.

    For my mount I pretty much did the same thing you did, but with a ADM QD mount.

    • You are so fuckin right and more and more mounts popping up these days!
      So many people recording their games but i`ve seen only a handful of nice edited scenes/ screenshots so far…
      A shame!

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