A-TACS Camouflage Items – Review #7

I am always a fan of tactical gear that can be used in everyday life. Surefire lights, Softshell jackets, simple rain gear or smaller items like pens, a carabiner or only a set of goggles (with different lenses) are really fun to use.

Let`s take a look a ARES ARMOR`s Tactical Hip Bag in A-TACS that is another perfect item for daily life (and also a good companion on the battle field!).

From ARES ARMOUR`s website:
“The pet name at our shop for this product is the “Completely Heterosexual Tactical Fanny Pack.”
🙂 🙂 🙂

The Tactical Hip Bag is made from 1000 denier Cordura nylon and comes with a lifetime warranty.



The first thing i did was taping the zipper pulls which were a bit too load for my liking.
And what came next? Nothing!
This is a nice and perfect toy with plenty of room for such a small bag!

Check out what i could carry in one go (not pictured: + keys + money + surefire torch):

The compartments are well divided and do make sense: the main one offers several small pouches and loops:

The front pouch is not large but has enough room to carry one M4 mag:

The “hidden” pocket on the bag is also a nice addition and has room for two M4 mags:

I used the bag on my last airsoft-/ milsim event during the whole day. Everything stayed in place and worked as expected.

With a street price of under US$40.00 and very low shipping costs – this is a must!

If you are not a fan of A-TACS camouflage then probably the other color option will do the trick: it`s available in Black, Multicam or Coyote, too!

For those of you thinking about using the Tactical Hip Bag as a pistol carrier, i think you`ll have to look somewhere else. An Sig226 fits hardly in the main pocket and is a pain to get out quickly. Perhaps a smaller gun will work fine but i don`t have a “ladygun” at hand at the moment…

At the end i`d like to show some pics i did in the woods. These are good examples how A-TACS camo works in a different enviroment besides my flat! 😉 Enjoy!

(click to enlarge)

Due to an e-mail directly from ARES ARMOR regarding this post states that the “loud” zippers are most likely from their old stock and they don`t use them any longer! Now the new ones come without metal tabs on it! Nice!


~ by geardoshit on August 15, 2011.

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  1. Nice review.

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