A-TACS Camouflage Items – Review #8

Let`s continue our journey through A-TACS country and visit ARES ARMOR one more time!
Their Split Cut Mag Pouch looked interesting to me so i ordered one to check out it`s features.

High Res pic (click to enlarge):

The Pouch features a double system of one high cut and one low cut pouch sandwiched on top of each other.

There is (of course) no problem with ordinary M4 mags but bigger ones like Magpul`s PMAGs (incl. added Ranger Plates) can be used without any trouble, too!
The pouches work great and inserting magazines works even with one hand only!

Each compartment has its own drainage hole:

Can a magazine pouch be reinvented today? I think it`s almost impossible but there are always good ideas of approaching personal tastes/ different demands in clever ways!
ARES did their job great and with my long(er) Geardo background i have to say that i experienced many bad or senseless inventions in the past. In this case it`s a solid working shingle and it`s available in other colours, too! I think i`ll need some more in Coyote or even Multicam! 🙂
Talking about inventions – let`s take a look on the backside of the pouch:

These pouches use the BAWS which is ARES solution to adjusting gear to the MOLLE system:

I`ll think it`s best to check out this video to get a better understanding of BAWS system:
(…so i don`t need to write so much about it because i am a lazy bastard! 😉 )

Pretty fresh, isn`t it? 🙂


So if Tactical Tailor`s A-TACS line will hit the shelves finally, i`ll finish my A-ATACS plate carrier soon! With the things that are already in the pipeline, i hope to present my complete loadout in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

At the end a few more pics with the pouch on the HPC. Enjoy!


~ by geardoshit on August 20, 2011.

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