Blackhawk Ind. – Enhanced Commando Recon Harness

Blackhawk`s Enhanced Commando Recon Harness is quiet in use for some time now.
After a handful of years in service, you`ll have seen it almost anywhere in action.
Ok, it`s not as sexy and often seen as many other rigs, but i think it`s really worth talking about it because you can get hold of it really cheap these days!

In US ranks of service, it is used by…

e.g. Marines,


US Army,

I think it`s interesting to see some more shots from soldiers using this carrier on their daily patrols and missions. Here we go with a US ARMY Grunt loadout:

2 x BHI Nalgene/GP Pouches
1 x Large BHI Utility/IFAK/Bleeder
1 x BHI Double Mag pouch (x4 mags)
1 x BHI Double Frag
1 x BHI Starcluster/Flare Pouch
1 x Spec ops Radio pouch
1 x Spec ops flashlight pouch

Another one in UCP (Front- and Backside):

In the next picture you`ll see a fine US Army Medic that was taking pictures from his BHI setup. These nice photographs are very detailed, so i hope you`ll get a good understanding of his loadout! 🙂 (He uses 2 utility pouches, 3 frag pouches, 1 smoke pouch and 2 flashbang pouches on his rig)

Details of his setup – from left to right: (click to enlarge)

A roll of 3 inch tape
3x Hemcon’s
1 BLAST bandage from TacMed Solutions
1 OLAES bandage from TacMed Solutions
2x Rolls of Kerlix
1 pair of gloves
1 SOG Seal Pup

2x One handed tourniquets
3x Saline lock kits
Petzl Carabiner for overflow mag retention or hanging IV’s

Green Smoke
Sharpening Stone
“Smiley” frag grenade

Rhino Mount
Write in the rain book
CR123’s, AA’s and AAA’s

…and last but not least his zippered compartment in the middle:

2x 14ga Angiocath’s
1 x speed loader
1 King LT size 4
1 bag of Ibuprofen 800mg
1 bag of Acetaminophen 500 mg
2x RUSCH nasopharyngeal airways
1 Oropharyngeal airway
1 15mg Morphine auto-injector

9 mags total, 4 of them PMAG’s. Tracer/ball until the last 3 which are all Tracer
1 set Trauma shears


Now you got an idea what a “Real World” BHI Enhanced Commando Recon Harness could look like. In a few days another airsoftin` weekend is about to begin, so i decided to assemble such a rig myself! Enjoy!

Yes, yeah, i know! 😉 Why is my antenna pointing so much in the air?
Because i`ll play in an area where i have no trouble wearing an antenna like this and it reminds me of old flag bearers/ japanese banners on Samurai backs… Hahahaha!
Let`s get them boys – ODA Operators lead the way! 😎


~ by geardoshit on August 25, 2011.

3 Responses to “Blackhawk Ind. – Enhanced Commando Recon Harness”

  1. Nice loadout. Blackhawk gear normally gets maligned by geardos and purists, but you make it look good. Thanks for researching real-world loadouts and showing us what you did (just bought one in Coyote Tan because of this writeup!).

  2. I see u use M4 mags.

    If i want to load my chest rig with mags they hardly fit in their pouches.
    Do you also have that problem?
    If so, what did u do to fix that problem?


    • I never had a problem with that (because i bought it used already?).
      The mags sit tight but i had no issues getting them in or out (and only with one hand, too)!
      Perhaps it`s getting better over time… (not only use it, abuse it!)
      All the best 🙂

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