Sasha`s Jacket – THE “Behind Enemy Lines” Gem for Geardos, Wannabes and Movie Props Collectors

Recently i came across some stunning pictures where committed japanese Geardos did a small, custom run on a well known and highly sought after jacket:
A 84 year Sarajevo Olympic Commemoration Model Training Jacket – worn by the film character “Sasha” in the movie “Behind Enemy Lines” by John Moore.

Jacket as seen in the movie:

The repro:

And this jacket came with a extra sharpshooter patch! 🙂

In my opinion, this is THE dopest training jacket ever seen in a war movie so far.
I know that this piece of clothing came to life (and turned iconic) with the enormous badass looking actor Vladimir Mashkov and his part playing a hypercool sniper chasing the good guy.

And now the bad part: these jackets are long gone! 😦

On the other hand it`ll be ok not seeing myself trying to be as smart looking as Sasha.
It doesn`t matter if i`ll wear three of this jackets at the same time, i would 100% loose this “contest” anyway! 😉 Hahahahahaha…


~ by geardoshit on September 1, 2011.

12 Responses to “Sasha`s Jacket – THE “Behind Enemy Lines” Gem for Geardos, Wannabes and Movie Props Collectors”

  1. That is truly awesome

  2. hmm.. my dad is from Sarajevo (Bosnia) maybe if im lucky (doubt it) he can find one of those jackets? unless it’s some special limited edition kind of thing.

  3. Olá, sou brasileiro. Essa matéria é impressionante, pois amo essa jaqueta e procurei por tudo quanto é canto da internet e nao achei nada sobre, apenas aqui em seu blog, parabens e muito obrigado! tambem gostaria de saber onde voce achou essas informações? pois nao achei nenhuma foto da jaqueta, alem dessas do seu site! muito obrigado… me envie um e-mail … isso é épico e raro!

  4. Hello, I’m Brazilian. This matter is awesome, because I love this jacket and looked for all over the place from the internet and not found anything about, just here in your blog, congratulations and thank you! also like to know where you found this information? because not found any photos of the jacket, besides these on your site! thank you … send me an e-mail … this is epic and rare!

  5. A shame these werent available on a larger scale, definitely cool intertwining his backround as a member of the ’84 Yugo sharpshooting team.

  6. Hello! Nice blog!
    Can you say- is it possible to buy this jacket in Europe? I found only few Japanese shops with it.
    Thank you!

  7. Reblogged this on la Plaza de Reyes and commented:
    Really really want this jacket.

  8. I would love to purchase one of these!

  9. This jacket is awesome and since they don’t have anymore originals i would like to get one custom made so if could send me the links to get this jacket I would really appreciate it thank you.

  10. Can anyone tell me if they still do these or sell them on ebay or another website thanks

  11. I want to buy this jacket because I like Vladimir Mashkov

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