Patchology #4 – “Jagermeister” (PJ Patch #3)

Regarding to my last post, i`d like to talk about the “Jagermeister” patch again.
Because of its rarity in the past, it was a very precious patch for Pararescue enthusiasts and patch collectors years ago.
Recently they become available again in great numbers, so let`s face the fact that you have to do a 306th RQS impression, soon! 😉

Here is my patch that i bought from some Japanese Geardos some years ago:

I am very happy that they paid attention to very small details, right coloring and supreme materials. Yeah!

And now some examples of real world action usage:


A brief remark about Jagermeister and the ONLY and RIGHT way to drink this liquor pure:
You`ll have to drink it straight out of the freezer! The bottle has to stay several hours in an ice-cold environment where it has to get super-chilled! In that condition the Jagermeister liquid turns a bit thicker where it offers the utmost Jager-Flavour! (Cooling it down with ice cubes is really not the same and tastes different!) Try it yourself and be amazed! Cheers! 😎


~ by geardoshit on September 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “Patchology #4 – “Jagermeister” (PJ Patch #3)”

  1. Yes, but no: a much better way to drink it is straight out of a natural freezer aka packed snow when you’re back from a hike :p

  2. If i may remark something… I´m from Germany and here we have sth. like a hype about this liquor… I don´t really know why, because in my opinion it tastes like A**. And if you overdose it, puking is not very amusing. I can say that from experience 😉

    Another way to enjoy this stuff is ” Flying Hirsch” or as you would maybe call it ” Flying Deer ” .

    4cl Jägermeister
    1 can RedBull
    Ice Cubes

    Pour together and enjoy it. Tastes …. interesting….

  3. Would you happen to know where I could find the jagermeister patch?

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