“Hell Survivors” – U.S. SOF Impression (A`Stan, 2008)

Yeah! After a longer break i was happy to attend another airsoft game last weekend! πŸ™‚

This was a good point in time to put my BHI Enhanced Commando Recon Harness “into battle”. Regarding the cold mountain breeze, i decided to go with my ORC Ind. PCU L4 windshirt and i had fun using my older Camelpak Ambush and a mixture of more UCP gear.
My ContourHD cam found its place on my rifle and the broken PEQ15 Box was replaced by a new one. Ready to rock`n roll! 😎


Under Armour Tee
ACU Trouser with LBT Riggers Belt
Orc Industries PCU L4 Windshirt
Spyder Mesh H&S
Oakley SI Assault Gloves
Smith`n`Wesson Shooting Glasses
Asolo Voyager XCR boots
Civvy Ballcap

Blackhawk Ind. ECRH with Backplate Carrier
Blackhawk Ind. Hand Grenade Pouch x2
Blackhawk Ind. Double Pistol Mag Pouch
Paraclete Multi Purpose Pouch
Eagle Ind. Medical Pouch
Tactical Tailor MBITR Radio Pouch
Camelbak Ambush
ITT VIP personal strobe light, Carabiners, Patches, Cuffs, CAT, Benchmade Rescue Hook, Trauma Shears with NARP lanyard, Suunto M9 Wrist Compass, Hand Grenade.

(not visible: different spare batteries, mini IFAK, a map, BBs and BB loader, gas bottle, snacks, face protection, fleece cap, Cat Crap Anti-Fog, Death Rag, 2x small bags, handkerchiefs, multitool, Nalgene bottle with 0,5L tasty liquid, car keys, mobile phone)

PRC-152 radio with MSA U94 PTT, Blade Antenna and Sordin Headset

M4 Sopmod with PEQ15, Surefire M600 Scout Light, Trijicon ACOG TA01, G.P.S. Vertical Grip, Surefire Suppressor, EMDOM Gunslinger Sling, ContourHD camera, 6+1 magazines

Beretta M9 with modified Gemtech Lanyard, two magazines, Blackhawk STRIKE Platform w/Serpa Holster

The matchday was entertaining and sometimes great fun, but on the other hand very lame due to hardcore cheating highlanders and team players that weren`t moving at all (i think they transfered their boring camping style from Modern Warfare into real life. A shame!).

Some players asked my why i carry so much stuff with me (do, i ???).
Many guys don`t understand the fun of Airsoft x Geardo-ism, so i`d like to explain/ break down my gear in detail in my next post. Stay tuned!


~ by geardoshit on September 27, 2011.

One Response to ““Hell Survivors” – U.S. SOF Impression (A`Stan, 2008)”

  1. You’re not even close to carrying around a lot. I used to go to day-games in full German Army Lrrp Gear. πŸ˜›

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