“Hell Survivors” Gear – Breakdown

Today i`d like to write about my loadout used at my last airsoft game.

Mission Time: September, daytime, 7h playing time (2x2h, 1x3h)
Mission Area: Mountains, 1100m – 1200m
Mission Weather: 12-23 degrees, no falls of rain or snow etc.
Mission Objectives: Capture the Flag, Defend HQ Bunker

Impression background:
I was looking for another U.S. SOF loadout (dated around Autumn 2008).
My idea is that i have everything with me all the time and do not have to get to a car or camp to refill mags, get food etc. It`s more like getting off a HUMVEE in A`stan and being on a short recce patrol. With an average playing time of 2h-3h per game and having much recon work to do, it fits nicely into my scenario. The base camp is only minutes away and there are several breaks between game phases but i don`t like to get back to it if something is running out or comes in need. In “real life” the HUMVEE is not 2 minutes away all the time…

My gear in two bags:

Here we go (click to enlarge):

1. Under Armour Tee:
Moisture transport is very important (to me), so any good sports underwear will do. I own many different kinds of heat`n`cold gear from different companies, but that day i was in the mood for UA.

2. Orc Industries PCU L4 Windshirt:
Due to a constant cold breeze in the mountains, i chose to wear a windshirt from start to end. I really dig the ORC Ind. one and was happy to use it because i wanted to add another greyish tone to my UCP gear. We all have seen PCU L5 jackets so often and i think it`s fresh to see a windshirt in use.

3. Death Rag:
A necessary airsoft item. Nothing special about it. Do Highlanders really need them?

4. ACU Trouser:
Ordinary, issued trouser in UCP. Perhaps do you think “why only a trouser?”. I was in a hurry putting all gear together and preperations were a bit chaotic that day. With all my thoughts about the windshirt as top jacket (…i can use my windshirt, yeah, i can really use my damn windshirt! :-)) i totally forgot to take the ACU jacket with me. Ridiculous!

5. LBT Riggers Belt:
Solid belt and nice to wear. I think there is no real difference from a LBT belt to an Eagle, TAG, TT, HSGI or other branded one. It`s only a matter of personal taste.

6. Nalgene 0,5l bottle:
New Nalgene products are 100% BSA free and my favorite piece of gear when it comes to water reservoirs/ other protective matters: it is amazing to use these bottles for transporting food that has to stay dry. And they come in funky colors – what more could one want?

7. Face Mask:
This one is Tokyo Marui`s version and it is doing his job. It`s neither sexy nor rare, it`s another (boring) protective mask that looks 0815. I was playing Paintball for over 12 years and had many, many masks in use. I had cheap ones and the best ones but still trouble with fogged up visors all the time. Today i have to realize that there were no real improvements in the meantime. I think that masks with electric ventilation systems are better than masks without one but still are not 100% effective. If you are a very sweaty guy like me and you`ll have to deal with changing atmospheric humidity, then you`ll know what i am talking about. But better a fogged up sight then teeth shot out, isn`t it?

8. Civvy Ballcap:
This is a cheap, civvy ballcap without any tactical features.

9. Fleece Cap:
If it is getting cold i`d like to have the opportunity to change to a warmer hat. This ordinary US issued fleece cap is a good companion not only on the battlefield but in my everyday life, too!

10. M4 Sopmod:
The blaster: for many, many Airsofters THE most important piece of gear. For me it is another piece of equipment that is necessary to complete an outfit and that should do its job during a game. My rifle is a M4 Sopmod New Gen Recoil Shock by Tokyo Marui. Due to its amazing hopup and high Japanese manufacturing standard, i left the gun in stock condition. Yes, you brainless “i-have-to-tune-up-everything”-guys: STOCK condition! I have no problems in shootouts with G&Ps, Systema PTWs, CAs or other guns so far and comparing accuracy Marui definitely leads the way! The only downside is the relative small battery capacity but i have three units, so i don`t run out of juice. Installed are cosmetic add-ons (e.g. PEQ-15 box) and things i like to have in games: a sight that magnifies, a sling that can easy be changed in length and a solid grip. The EMDOM Gunslinger Sling and G.P.S Vertical Grip are still my most preferred pieces of kit when it comes to choose a sling and grip.

11. Spyder Mesh H&S:
Made by By Tactical Concealment MFG. Co. and for me the dopest camouflage net/ veil on the market.

12. Blackhawk Ind. ECRH with Backplate Carrier (+ 2x fake Sapis)
I like the Enhanced Commando Recon Harness because it reminds me of one of my first chest rigs many years ago. With the Backplate Carrier installed, it is sitting much better on the body and does not become a hawker’s tray. The large zippered pouch stored a map, some money and some other small important items like keys or mobile phone. The eight magazine pouches work well but become very tight and the overall carrier becomes a bit stiff if all slots are filled. I recommend to use only six mags at once. Nothing more to say about it – it works, is comfortable and offers much room to add extra MOLLE gear. And it is not as mainstream as LBT 6094s are at the moment! 😉

13. BB container & BBs:
Ordinary BB Bottle with 0.25g Bio BBs. Around the bottle is always some duct tape which is always good to have (for securing things, etc.).

14. Hiking socks:
Good civvy hiking socks. For me a true must!

15. Sordin Headset:
Looking cool, working nice and protective for the ears, too.

16. Camelbak Ambush:
The main compartment was filled with a Camelbak (ca. 2l of water) and also with a gas bottle. Regularly i don`t need gas during gameplay but i like to have extra gas at hand if i`ll need some (or some teammate). The outer pouch is filled with my IFAK, batteries, snacks (Snickers, Mars etc.) and one Marui Sopmod battery.

17. ITT VIP personal strobe light:
Nice add-on without any actual use – besides looking fresh!

18. Handcuffs:
For the bad guys.

19. Eagle Ind. Medical Pouch:
Place for my BB Loader and BB Bottle.

20. Tactical Tailor MBITR Radio Pouch:
Necessary piece of kit if you`ll use a MBITR replica radio shell.

21. Blackhawk Ind. Double Hand Grenade Pouch:
Home of a fake hand grenade by Toysoldier. The other one holds Anti-Fogging stuff.

22. Blackhawk STRIKE Platform w/Serpa Holster:
Nice working system which i like to have on my breast. If i`ll use leg holsters i stick to Safarilands.

23. C.A.T.:
Reenactment necessity and always good to have.

24. Benchmade Rescue Hook:
Also a good piece to pimp a loadout and seen throughout all kinds of Armed Forces.

25. Blackhawk Ind. Double Pistol Mag Pouch:
Place for my two Beretta mags by Tokyo Marui.

26. Paraclete Multi Purpose Pouch:
This pouch holds one Marui Sopmod spare battery, my ContourHD camera extras, two protective bags, handkerchiefs and sometimes my Surefire Suppressor.

27. Oakley SI Assault Gloves:
A true classic and one of my favourite gloves.

28. Suunto M9 Wrist Compass:
Seen in use by Pararescue Operators to ordinary grunts. A cool piece to pimp your look.

29. Carabiner:
Always good to have one because it`s so versatile!

30. Gas Bottle:
Stored in my Camelbak and a must if you`ll run gas operated guns. Blablabla…

31. Batteries:
Three Marui M4 NewGen Sopmod batteries.

32. Anti-Fogging Stuff:
If you never have tried anti fogging stuff, you won`t get addicted to it. But if it works for you, you won`t play without it in the future! I tried OP DROPS and CAT CRAP and both products work fine for me. They do help prevent fogging but they aren`t panaceas! Atmospheric humidity is still THE most important factor.

33. PRC-152 Radio:
A Z-Tactical x Tac Workshop MBITR shell that has active circuit boards installed, so it can be used with MIL headsets and PTTs.

34. Hand grenade:
Another ToySoldier fake but incredibly looking! I filled it with sand to achieve a solid weight`n`feel.

35. MSA U94 PTT:
Rock solid, perfectly working and relatively small.

36. Two Pistol magazines:
Two Beretta magazines by Tokyo Marui. Bang, bang, you`re out!

37. Seven M4 magazines:
6+1 Tokyo Marui NextGen magazines with very smooth handling.

38. Surefire Suppressor:
Another outfit booster – no function but looking the shit! If not in use it is stored in my Paraclete Multi Purpose Pouch.

39. Batteries
For every piece of gear that runs on batteries, i carry a complete set of spare ones!

40. Mobile phone
My old mobile phone for emergency calls or love talk. The only direct connection into “the real world”.

41. Multitool:
Adjusting, repairing and tightening things is often pain in the ass. To avoid getting too bugged it`s good to have propper tools at hand.

42. BB Loader:
My loader is from Tokyo Marui and works 100% since day one – highly recommended!

43. ContourHd camera extras:
Spare battery and extra memory card in a very small, protective bag that is stored in my Paraclete Multi Purpose Pouch.

44. Blade Antenna:
For my impression i need an antenna and this Blade Antenna looks cool, is sturdy and elevates my SOF look.

45. Two protective bags:
Nothing special about them but a good protective solution to prevent scratches on my shooting glasses or CoutourHD lens.

46. Gemtech Lanyard & Carabiner:
I modified the lanyard because i lost one part of the original set. I attached a carabiner and everything is working, again!

47. Beretta Handgun:
One of my favourite backups. The gun is really oldskool without an adjustable hop-up but i like the Marui reliability.

48. ContourHD camera:
To capture all those memorable moments. It`s a nice cam but i need another one for filming more angles simultaneously! 😎

49. Smith`n`Wesson Shooting Glasses:
These glasses were pretty cheap and i bought this for riding my bicycle and scooter. I thought that this would be a nice variation to my Oaley M Frames. They performed ok but fogged like hell sometimes (also with anti fogging liquids applied to it). Disappointing!

50. Handkerchiefs:
These little fellows come in handy regularly.

51. Trauma Shears:
A must for reenactment standards.

52. NARP lanyard:
Megacool lanyard for Geardos and a good piece to secure stuff. In my opinion not very different from many other retractable lanyards out there, but North American Rescue Products are much, much cooler! 😎

53. (not in the picture): Map, Car Keys, mini IFAK, Snacks, Boots:
A map of the terrain is good to have for discussing tactics especially with players that don`t know the area well. An IFAK is always part of my gear, because we had some serious injuries in the past. Snacks (sweets rule!) are good for bribing Marshals 😉 Hahaha…
And what to write about boots? You should have cool (and correct) ones! 😎


I hope you enjoyed this post and will be back for more! Have fun! 🙂


~ by geardoshit on October 2, 2011.

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