Bundeswehr G28 Designated Marksman Rifle

The Bundeswehr has adopted the H&K MR308 rifles and designed it the G28. The H&K MR308 is an AR-10 style weapon. The G28 has a chromed-lined 16.5″ barrel (16.5″ is the new standard for DMR rifles, 18″+ is last century). Fully loaded with optics, it will weigh in at 17.4 lbs. H&K will also be suppling a conversion kit with a shorter and lighter barrel.

The rifle will be issued with a specially designed 3-20×56 Schmidt & Bender scope. An Aimpoint Micro T1 is fitted atop the S&B scope as a backup or close-quarters sight. Ammunition, designated 7.62mmx51 DMR, has been designed specifically for the gun.

(click to enlarge)


~ by geardoshit on October 4, 2011.

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