Something for a friend #4: *Camo Guitar Strap*

I am a big fan of military gear that does fit in day-to-day life (as a civvy). It is good to know that many things (like goggles, gloves or backpacks) are not bought for airsoft and photoshooting purposes only. I think everybody knows pangs of remorse due to expensive shopping attacks. Pure horror. Where is my shrink?

It`s time to cross “the real world” again and write about a nice military styled guitar strap by DiMarzio : THE perfect bargain for all those geardos x guitar players!

DiMarzio ClipLock Guitar Strap:

If you are looking for guitar strap that is a bit “different”, it could get annoying easily.
Besides spiked-hardcore-heavymetal and rock`n`rock-animal-skin looks, you`ll only come across boring nylon`n`leather versions that offer all kinds of lame designs: hearts, smileys, crappy band logos and even neon stripes!

DiMarzio varied common designs/layouts and pimped it with ITW NEXUS buckles that remind me of weapon slings and not guitar straps anymore! 🙂 I think this was the main reason why i bought this sling, äääääh, i meant strap.

Some people complain about the design, because the buckles could damage the guitar`s surface if hitting against the coating too often. WTF! People always find something to complain about…

Here is my installed strap (pimped with some tape for the tacticool look ;-)):

Let`s rock! 😎


~ by geardoshit on October 11, 2011.

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