US Law Enforcement Officers

Today i came across some interesting pictures that i`d like to show you!
These are recent (2009-2011) pictures showing United States LE and SWAT Officers:

I think it`s amazing to see these guys pimping and modding guns (paintjobs!) like crazy.

The State Trooper in all his Multicam looks a bit funny, like an overdone Airsofter! 😉
What do you think?

Perhaps i will do an LE impression next year…


~ by geardoshit on November 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “US Law Enforcement Officers”

  1. Whatever happened to Navy Blue, Black or Olive Drab? The way SWAT/SRT operates, I highly doubt their need for camo… It could just be the jealous hater in me (seeing as they live the geardo/gear-whore life up on their call-outs)

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