Australia`s Secret War – Gear, Gear, Gear, Gear, Gear!

It`s December 2011 and some nice Australian Special Forces footage showed up finally!

You`ll seen this on YT via links from other boards already, but i`d like to post them again and talk about it.

I`ve always been a great fans from Aussie units, liking their “exotic” camo patterns in the past. So many forces switched to Multicam recently that it almost became very boring.
On the other hand, if MC is done in a cool, fucked up, “overloaded” way, i dig it and will forget these annoying airsofters disguised in Chinese MC copy crap.
Talking about cool MC loadouts in action: Tour of Duty “Australia`s Secret War” features some amazing footage, showing stylish Operators kickin butt in A`Stan!
I almost got infected with the Aussie virus (and still fighting to resist!). Since last week i am thinking about doing a SASR impression myself… 😎

So what we have seen?

For example, Platatac CUTS (Cool Under Tactical Shirt): It is a combat style shirt designed for use in hot climates and is very traditional in that the sleeves are woven and the torso is knit.

One interesting feature of the CUTS is that the shoulders are constructed from 3D air mesh to facilitate cooling. Additionally, the bicep include Velcro patches as well as a webbing flap to cover up the IR Square when not needed. These pockets also feature an additional smaller zippered pocket on top of the original pocket.

Another “famous” example from not long ago:

Some Contour HD cam with selfmade camo (painted tape?):

Eagle Industries` YOTE in MC:

Talking about backpacks, these fellows are using quiet a match of different brands and versions:

This scene i really do enjoy: A multicam-ish paintjob that goes from blaster, to mag and helmet! Check also the ACOG and Contour HD – everything is matching!

Let us enjoy some more gun pics:

Another scene i was excited about was the one when some Operators put on their gear:

Painted PMags, HSGI Tacos, AOR-1 balaclavas, SORD pouches, CRYE JPCs, CRYE Combat Clothing, two radios on one man, Suunto and Casio watches, Oakley gloves, Platatac etc. – there are so many details to spot!
And another good thing: If you are a Geardo and have collected a good amount of US gear, it`s not hard to do a Aussie SF Impression! Fat, isn`t it? 🙂

Let`s enjoy some more pics:

Australia`s Secret War by TEN NEWS is really enjoyable but it`s only a small proportion of what is out there! If you got caught with Aussie SF loadouts already or like to dig deeper, you should check YouTube very carefully, because there are many dope clips around!

Some fresh examples:

and another vid… 🙂

SASR is the way to go in 2012! 😉 Have fun lads!


~ by geardoshit on December 1, 2011.

12 Responses to “Australia`s Secret War – Gear, Gear, Gear, Gear, Gear!”

  1. You can find more images and vids from the ADF website’s video and image galleries. Then type “SOTG” in the search box of the image gallery.

  2. I can see some HK416 or HK417’s in there but what else do they use?

  3. HK USP Tactical, M4, 5.56 Minimi Para, 7.62 Minimi aka “Maximi”, SR-25, Mk 14 EBR, Blaser Tactical 2, etc.

  4. other related YouTube clips:

  5. They wear a really nice piece of kit.
    It would be outstanding, if you would do an “Aussie SF” Outfit, would love to see it!

    I´ve got a question: which type of PC´s do they wear? I just identificate some FAPC, otherwise i have no clue which one´s could be.

  6. There would be some wearing this:

  7. Hi, Since your a huge fan of SF, i wonder if you know where to get those Multi-cam and digi-cam headovers?( the ones that strecthes, not like platatacs one, which couldn’t strecthe that much)?

  8. we are stuck with whatever fabric Multicam makes

  9. The point is that 99% of your pics are concerning 2CDO.
    The only very rare shots (pictures or videos) of the SASR that you can find are always sharing on the internet 1years later.

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