Movie Props

Do you have too much money?
Are you interested in detailed movie props shots?
Are you hot for background infos on specific character gear?

If you are a movies buff and are crazy about gear that can be seen/ is used in these flicks, then perhaps you`ll know this site already: THE GOLDEN CLOSET.

The Golden Closet deals in the sales, consignment, and purchasing of motion picture, television, and music memorabilia. They have provided museums, restaurants, auction houses, dealers and collectors around the world with some of the most exclusive and sought after memorabilia in motion picture and entertainment history.

Let`s check some nice examples:

The Terminator 3 Grenade Launcher (used by Arni himself):

This prop grenade launcher was utilized by “The Terminator” (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in the 2003 motion picture “Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines” starring Nick Stahl, Claire Danes, and Kristanna Loken. The “grenade launcher” is actually a fully functional Penn Arms L6-37 MM military flare launcher, complete with C-More site, front and rear flip up sites, rear cheek rest, front pistol grip, and loading cylinder.


Star Wars E-11 Storm Trooper Blaster:

The Blaster was originally a British Army Sterling Submachine gun that was converted to a non-firing prop weapon. There were many custom alterations that were added to the prop to enhance it’s futuristic look. The front section of the blaster is an actual sterling body tube. The barrel in the center was replaced with a simple wooden dowel painted black. The rear section of the Sterling was cut away and a solid aluminium cast billet was slotted into the rear of the gun. The billet extends from the rear of the Sterling tube past the ejector port and receiver, rendering the piece a non-gun. The original maker had these billets made specifically for these props. The grip and trigger guard are not standard and were custom made for aluminium. Their use in the production of A New Hope was initially established through conversations with staff who were present and involved with the fabrication of these and other weapons during the Star Wars production. It quickly became clear that these Blasters were custom made for Star Wars: A New Hope. Unfortunately many of the original components on the blaster were removed or have fallen off. This blaster has been restored to its original state by Stephen Lane of The Prop Store Of London, who researched the history of the Blaster and provided all of the information and history on the prop. Certificate of Authenticity and documentation provided by The Prop Store Of London.


Lethal Weapon 3 LAPD ID and Sergeant Shield (Mel Gibson):


Book of Eli: Denzel Washington`s backpack, iPod, and switchblade

This backpack, iPod, and switchblade were used by the character “Eli,” portrayed by actor Denzel Washington, in the 2010 motion picture, “The Book of Eli.” The Oakley brand backpack is a heavily distressed with leather ties and the bottom stitched on. The iPod is also heavily distressed with electrical tape along the back and bottom left corner of the front. The switchblade is a SOG Flash II with evidence of wear from production use.

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Some more background infos from their website:

Authenticity is one of the most important factors when selling motion picture wardrobe and props. The Golden Closet deals directly with the source when obtaining our memorabilia and we market it in accordance with the guidelines set by our clients. Letters of authenticity are provided with every sale to assure the buyers they are purchasing authentic Hollywood artifacts and not replicas or reproductions that never appeared on screen. At The Golden Closet we take pride in personally guaranteeing the authenticity of all the items we offer to our valued customers, and rely on painstaking research and verification of our sources before purveying any screen used wardrobe, props, or set design to private collectors or corporate clients around the world.

The Golden Closet consistently strives towards the complete satisfaction of our clients and customers alike, and look forward to developing new innovative methods of uniting collectors with their most sought after items in the ever changing world of celebrity, motion picture, and television memorabilia. Please feel free to contact us directly with any inquiries so that we may better assist you with your collecting or consignment interest.


Although you`ll never have so much cash to spend on such rare items, it is interesting to check out TGC website time to time! Have fun and enjoy! 🙂


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