Back in the days – “Shopping In The Year 2007”

A picture is worth a thousand words (here`s some stuff i bought from March to Mai 2007…)!

2007 was a great shopping year regarding my full charge at desert/khaki/tan/coyote gear. I became totally addicted and left the world of airsoft nylons finally.
Eagle Industries was my personal favourite back in these days and really enjoyed my first PC and RRV by this (crazy fly) company…

And then i bought some TAD Gear, a SORD Jacket and a PLAT-A-TAC Harry Hard Jacket:

Another forgotten shot (…old hardisks have much to offer – so many funky surprises!) with stuff from Spec-Ops, Tactical Tailor, Blackwater Gear, Emdom USA, HSGI and Tactical Assault Gear:

Perhaps you`ll think about airsoft guns? Here you go – we had another group order! 🙂

Yes, Tokyo Marui M1A1 Thompsons – for our WW2 loudouts! What a dope year… 😎


~ by geardoshit on December 21, 2011.

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