2012 – more things to come!

Hi folks!

Perhaps you have realized already that it is a bit quiet on my blog lately. Yes, i have much work to do, also moving to a new flat (incl. renovating the old and new one!), and got some annoying health issues last month, too!

But many things are done and more quiet times are coming, soon.

I am looking forward doing much stuff on my blog in 2012: new categories and fly projects are on the rise! Besides several impressions and (finally finished) loadouts (2x Pararescue, CCT/JTAC, A-TACS, British Para… ), you`ll enjoy special videos and trailers showing me in action during my time as a weekend warrior.

On the other hand, Geardoshit Music will be launched and patriotic vids will see the day of light!

I don`t like to talk about too much about things to come, because i am a bit undecided about specific formats and release dates, but i think it`s time to leave ordinary nylon reviews and 0815 blog stuff that you`ll find everywhere.

Stay tuned and thank you for your interest and patience! πŸ™‚

Happy new beer,


~ by geardoshit on December 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “2012 – more things to come!”

  1. Sounds really dool, hope you get well soon. (if you aren’t already)
    Also, have a safe and successful 2012. πŸ™‚

  2. Get better soon mate, I enjoy reading your blog it would be a shame if anything happened as a result of your health and not resting.

    Have a good new years.


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