Canadian Army – OMLT Operator Gear (RWG#1)

It is 2012 and i`d like to start with a new series called “Real World Gear” (RWG), showing loadouts and gear used by real soliders in combat.

Let us begin examining the gear that a member of the Canadian Army Operational Mentoring and Liaison Team (OMLT) has used in Afghanistan in 2008.

Let`s check out his guns and NVG: (click to enlarge all pictures!)

– C8 Flat-Top, Heavy-Barrel Carbine
– Magpul CTR stock with rubber buttplate
– Magpul MIAD pistol grip
– Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard
– Spectre MOUT single-point sling
– JLD Enterprises Gen 1 Redi-Mag
– Magpul Ranger Plates
– Insight Technologies MX3 Tactical IIluminator (issued item)
– Trijicon Accupoint TR-21R 1.25-4x scope with Larue Tactical SPR 1.5 QD mount
– Knights Armament RIS (unit-issued) with Magpul Rail Ladders
– Tango Down VFG
– Marconi Personal Role Radio remote switch

– Inglis GP-35 Hi-Power 9mm Pistol:
– Aussie-issue Mk III grip panels
– Aussie-issue Mk III ambi safety
– Blackhawk lanyard

– AN/PVS 14 Night Vision Monocle & helmet mount

Most of the carbine accessories are personal purchases, but there were no complaints as the various bits and pieces are simply bolt-ons, vice permanent modifications.

– Canadian Gallet helmet with CADPAT AR cover, TAGΒ  strobe, IR helmet band, IR reflective patch, Petzl Tactikka headlamp, AN/PVS night-vision monocle
– Pacific Safety Products Gen 3 frag vest with CADPAT AR cover and SAPI plates
– Revision ballistic eyewear (issued with clear, smoke and yellow lenses)
– Whitewater DC 786 gloves
– Blackhawk knee pads (not shown in picture)

The 2nd line rig (based on TT 2-Piece MAV with X-Harness and Centre Adaptor) is non-issued but approved for wear as part of an ongoing Canadian Army “Operational Load-Carriage Trial” (Year 2008).

– HSGI quad mag pouch with raised rear carrier
– PX Gerber knife
– TT Admin Pouch
– Maxpedition Medium RollyPoly
– TT Nalgene Pouch with custom Molle & attached Single Frag Pouch
– Solingen CAN 2000 C7/C8 bayonet
– Camelback 3L Thermoback with CADPAT AR Cover
– C8 Cleaning Kit
– TT Large Utility Pouch with attached Single Frag Pouch & Single Smoke Pouch
– TT Single Smoke Pouch
– TT Flashlight/ Multi Tool Pouch
– TT Single Mag Shingle with Double Pistol Mag Pouch (used as rig holster)
– Blackhawk Pistol Lanyard
– HSGI quad mag pouch with raised rear carrier
– Marconi-Selenia H4855 Personal Role Radio,
– Garmin Legend C GPS,
– Surefire EP3 ear-plugs
– TT Single Mag Shingle behind HSGI Quad Pouch (not shown in picture)

Let`s take a closer look! πŸ™‚

– PX Gerber knife
– Staedler map-marking pens
– 4 x 28-rd mags loaded with 3 x tracer on bottom, 3 x tracer on top
– OMLT tactical Aide-Memoire,
– Spare AA and Surefire batteries,
– 3 x mini-Chemlights (IR, green, red),
– Suunto compass (mils)
– Steiner 8×30 binos
– C13 (M67) frag grenade

– C13 frag grenade
– Reversible Blaze Orange/Pink Marker Panel
– ACR/M|S-2000M Distress Strobe
– Pains Wessex Red marking smoke (45 second)
– HCC1A1 White screening smoke (60 second)
– Surefire flashlight with IR filter
– Gunshot Reside testing kit
– BHP 9mm Pistol mag
– 4 x 28-rd mags loaded with 3 x tracer on bottom, 3 x tracer on top
– Combat Application Tourniquet (attached to mag pouch)
– Inglis 9mm GP-35 Hi Power Pistol

Kelty Falcon MAP with internal AN/PRC 117F Tray and Spare Battery Holder:

– Ridge-Rest reversible Tan/Green sleeping pad
– AN/PRC 117F radio with spare battery
– CADPAT zip-up Ranger Blanket
– Survival Aides lightweight Hooped Bivvy Bag
– Drop Zone CADPAT AR Recce Smock
– Snugpak Sleeka reversible Tan/OG “puffy jacket”
– 2 x MREs

Accessory Pouches:

– Kifaru Claymore Pouch (1 x MRE, Shemagh, Right knee-pad)
– Kifaru Long-Pocket (MSR Whisperlite International multi-fuel stove, canteen cup, MSR 1L fuel bottle, 1 x MRE
– Kifaru E&E Pack with “Dock & Lock” QD buckles (2 x 2L MEC water bladders, survival kit, 1 x MRE, energy bats, silk escape map (K’har Province), etc.
– Kifaru Long-Pocket (2 x spare socks, 1 x spare t-shirt, 1 x spare underwear, 2 x MREs)
– TT Medical Pouch (issued, with TCCC contents – CAT, large & small NPA tubes, Israeli pressure dressings, CERLEX gauge packing, Needle Decompression kits, Asherman Chest Seals, disposable AR barriers, Surgical Gloves, etc.)

The 3rd Line pack is non-issued, but approved for wear again.

To get an idea of the whole MIL-package, it is time for crazy horsepower! 😎

RG-31 (Nyala) 4 x 4 mine-resistant personnel carrier with stabilized Remote Weapon System including thermal and day sights, 2 x banks of grenade dischargers, etc. Capable of mounting C6 (MAG 58) GPMG, .50 cal HMG, or Automatic Grenade Launcher.


I hope you enjoyed our little Canadian gear-trip and be back for more, soon! πŸ™‚


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One Response to “Canadian Army – OMLT Operator Gear (RWG#1)”

  1. Great write up! Considering you have such detailed pics of his gear, I assume he provided you with them himself, or thru another forum? I’m curious what is his unit?

    Anyway, there’s no doubt that he’s a geardo! You won’t see that much in the Forces.

    Thanks for sharing and happy new year man πŸ˜‰

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