Back in the days – “Battle In The Snow″

These days everybody is talking about the enormous cold wave that Europe suffers upon.

Last time i was thinking about snow, freezing hands, snow, airsoft, snow, skirmishing, snow and even more snow was around 2007. Back in these days, we decided to drive into the Alps and had a crazy shootout in all that fantastic white surroundings, testing our strength against walls of snow and ice.

A nice panorama picture:

Our regular field was covered in more then 2+ meters of snow but we decided to take our chances! 🙂

We had a handful of spades and decided to dig some trenches.

It was pretty exhausting but at the end we had a once in lifetime shootout!

At the beginning it was a clear and sunny day and everything was amazing.

As some time went bye, the sky darkened and it started to snow again but this was only electrifying the already good`n`deep atmosphere even more!

Mr Terrorist in action! 🙂

Many guns and batteries died that day. It was pretty challenging to keep things dry and running. At the end it was a “pistol only” (backup gun) game for many participants.

A Yeti? 😉

Perhaps we should do this again… 🙂 Have fun!


~ by geardoshit on February 8, 2012.

One Response to “Back in the days – “Battle In The Snow″”

  1. Yeah, airsoft in winter is really nice and I’m under the impression that with LiPo batteries, less guns are affected by the drain virus.
    What I personally like most about playing in winter is that, when snow falls and the light goes away, most people tend to become calmer and quieter and more concentrated and the firefights become alot less chaotic, more like a precise, slow motion kung fu fight, with little shots here and there, few shouts. And adding to this, all sounds get muffled by snowy weather.
    I love winter, it’s all about the right gear so you can enjoy it. 😉

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