Stadium Snipers

Have you ever heard of Stadium Snipers?
If not, click on the next four pictures to understand what i am talking about… 🙂


These photos were posted on Facebook by U.S. Tactical Supply, showing an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officer aiming a high-powered rifle before the Super Bowl from high atop a sniper’s perch in the stadium. The images show that sharpshooters were prepared to use deadly force at the the big game Sunday, where 70,000 fans filled Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

For more info – check MAIL ONLINE / DAILY MAIL UK

Crazy shit, isn`t it? I never heard of such Guardian Angels, but i think it`s because i am a European. 😎

There is a big Stadium Snipers Scene out there and plenty of cool videos, photographs and background info on that subject! Today i am much, much too lazy to give you a complete inside look, so please be so kind to check out the Internet yourself… 😉
(Yes, me is fuckin`lazy bastard today, so fuckin lazy, man! *RASTAMAN VOICE*)

(This post is more of an idea how to waste some time!)

Two teasers:

So what`s the best if you are a Stadium Sniper? On one hand you could interfere if a score does not fit your liking ;-), but i think you have plenty of cool close-ups from high above!

Happy digging! 🙂

P.S. An now i need more beers, it`s da weeeeeeekeeeend maaaaaaan! 🙂


~ by geardoshit on February 17, 2012.

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